Tiger Woods Back to Being One of the Good Guys, Sends Relief Haiti's Way

More aid on its way to earthquake-stricken nation via the Tiger Woods Foundation

By Natalie Finn, Brandi Fowler Jan 16, 2010 2:39 AMTags
Tiger WoodsChris Weeks/Getty Images

Russell Simmons tends to know what he's tweeting about.

A day after the record mogul tweeted that Tiger Woods was earmarking $3 million for earthquake-ravaged Haiti, the Tiger Woods Foundation confirmed that the scandal-plagued athlete will be contributing to relief efforts in the Caribbean nation.

"Sorry about blowing up tigers 'anonymous gift' such a sweet gesture," Simmons wrote Friday morning. "People have cared so much about other'secrets' this is inspirng?"

He wouldn't confirm a dollar amount, but Woods Foundation President Greg McLaughlin did clarify: "Our plan is to be part of the relief effort to help rebuild Haiti by supporting organizations that provide critical resources to young people."

Really, this is nothing new. Before the recent unpleasantness, this is exactly the sort of benevolent gesture Tiger was known for.

Back in 2004, Woods donated $100,000 to aid tsunami relief efforts in Southeast Asia, and another $200,000 went to establish an educational fund for Hurricane Katrina victims the following year.


Find out ways in which you can help the relief effort in Haiti right here.