How Many Stars—for Real—Get Plastic Surgery?

Some starlets blab about their enhancements, but many do not. The number will surprise you

By Leslie Gornstein Jan 13, 2010 8:30 PMTags
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I'm wondering: Just how addicted is Hollywood to plastic surgery, anyway? How many stars are getting it that we don't know about?
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Let's put it this way: Kourtney Kardashian has said she has had work done on her breasts, but as of this second her new baby, Mason, has not had any work done. I cannot guarantee anything that happens after this story goes live.

Think I exaggerate? Not by much. We've heard of tons of young stars getting work done, from Ashlee Simpson (nose) to Ashley Tisdale (nose), from Kendra and Kourtney and Holly (breasts) to Tara Reid (something). Want to know just how many Hollywood kids are getting work done—as early as in their 20s?

You may be shocked...

I spoke with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria, who has nipped and tucked half of Hollywood. He gives me the following tidbits of information:

Of all young actors between, say, 25 and 30, "I would say around 40 percent" have had some form of plastic surgery—nose jobs, breast work, lip injections, Calabria says.

What about all those "naturally" beautiful actors over 45? Not so natural. "Actors over 40?" Calabria says. "Close to 100 percent" have had work done, facelifts being almost required at that age, the doctor indicates.

Now, I'm talking mostly about fairly noticeable work—stuff that usually involves local anesthesia to accomplish. What if we focus just on needle stuff, like Botox or other fillers?

The numbers there are just as interesting, if not more so.

According to Calabria, Botox starts for many actors in their 20s. "It's almost a preventative measure, to prevent the presence of those lines later in life," he says. About one quarter of all young actors in their 20s have had some sort of filler in their face, the doctor estimates.

About half of thirtysomething actors use fillers, and among actors over 40, it's closer to 95 percent.

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