The only posh behavior on this American Idol premiere came from guest judge Victoria Beckham.

Thousands of aspiring popsters ranging from sublimely talented to excruciatingly bad poured into Foxboro's Gillette Stadium for the first day of season nine's so-called Boston auditions.

But among the anime freak, the Idol videogame champ, the guy dressed like the Burger King and the Chris Brown-Eagles hybrid, one wannabe stood out in particular.

Following in Bikini Girl's footsteps, it was Andrew Fenlon, an "unemployed musician" from Boston, who got Kara Dio Guardi's goat (which she really put out there for the snatching) on day one.

The fateful audition began with the irrepressible, irreplaceable Simon Cowell asking Andrew why he was there, to which the surly 25-year-old, admittedly ticked off after having to wait all day for his big break, replied, "I'm here auditioning for American Idol, should be fairly obvious at this point."

And it only got worse from there, with Kara ultimately telling the rude dude, "You need a spanking!"

After Andrew warbled a not entirely terrible version of the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun," Kara immediately took him to task for being such a pouty performer.

"You want to be in the music business, but you don't want to wait to get into American Idol," she said. "That seems to be a problem. And for you to have a bad attitude kind of pisses me off."

"I think you're reading it too far," he protested. But Kara was having none of it.

"There are people that would wait years to do so, so now I'm angry at you, who I don't like," she zinged back.

"Did you ever have a girlfriend?" Kara wondered in disbelief as Andrew feebly protested that he wasn't judging her in such a "vicious" way.

The back and forth went on for a while, with Andrew ultimately getting a "2 million-thousand, 5 bazillion-trillion percent" no from the peanut gallery. (Thanks to Randy Jackson for the new number, albeit one he gave when he agreed to send the promising Ashley Rodriguez to Hollywood.)

"I'd have said yes. He's starting to grow on me," Simon purred, much to Kara's increasing ire.

"You're being awful!" she accused the smirking Brit. (But it's alright. Posh eventually called him out on all the eye-rolling and he couldn't say anything about it, because she's British, too.)

Not that all was bad tonight, of course...

Names to remember include Katie Stevens, 16; Luke Shaffer, 24; Maddy Curtis, 16; Tyler Grady, 19; Justin Williams, 27; Leah Laurenti, 22; and... Well, that's almost all the talent they let us in on tonight. Overall, 32 aspirants are headed to Hollywood out of Boston.

More tomorrow from auditions in Atlanta.

(Originally published Jan. 12, 2010, at 7:10 p.m. PT)


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