Jersey Shore Cast, Dax Shepard

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You can add funnyman Dax Shepard to the list of celebrities who can't get enough of our fave new reality show.

"I love Jersey Shore," Shepard told us this weekend while promoting his new movie, When in Rome. "I love a million things about it. I love how unapologetic they are about going tanning...When they're like 'All right, boys, let's go get painted.' It's almost like they're going hunting."

His favorite on the show? J-Woww!

Why? Read on to find out...

First, Shepard loves that J-Woww threw punches at the guy who clocked Snooki in the now infamous barroom brawl.

"And I've done research on all of them online, and I love that J-Woww has a master's degree—or has some kind of pretty impressive degree—and she has different businesses in Manhattan. There's a lot going on there."

But Shepard admits Snooki also does it for him. "I love that they call her Snickers," Shepard says. "And I also love that she has YouTube videos of herself lip-syncing in her dad's garage with a bunch of snowmobiles in the background. That just really speaks to my Michigan roots right there. That's a good girl."

And if The Situation doesn't watch himself, Shepard could outdo him in the six-pack department. In When in Rome, Shepard plays one of several men who magically fall in love with a New York City museum curator (played by his real-life girlfriend, Kristen Bell).

His character is an egotistical model with a very impressive ripped physique. Shepard didn't need a body double for his shirtless scenes because, let's just say, his actual body is rockin'.

"That came from three months of hellish dieting and exercise," he says. "It was pretty much fat-free and carb-free. It was 1,400 calories a day and all protein."

We imagine Bell didn't mind one bit.


Get details about the upcoming Jersey Shore reunion special in today's Gossip Guru videoblog.

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