Tila Tequila, Casey Johnson, Larry King

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UPDATE: We just heard back from Tila Tequila about Larry King cancelling her appearance on his show tomorrow night.

Tila says she's OK with it.

"I'm not pushing for them to change their minds cuz honestly, my fanbase demographic and to the people that matter to my career dont watch Larry King," she wrote in an email.  "Yes he is a huge credible person, but really not someone a young demographic of people watch."


Tila Tequila is going to be free tomorrow night.

A rep for Larry King Live confirms they've pulled the plug on the reality-TV personality's visit to the show to discuss her late fiancée Casey Johnson.

Tila was scheduled to be the talkmeister's sole guest tomorrow for a program that was being billed as a tribute to the late Johnson & Johnson heiress.

As we first reported, King received phone calls from Casey's friends and family members urging him to pull the plug on Tila.

She's been replaced by the authors of the best-selling political book Game Change, and an interview with the third White House partycrasher.

A report this afternoon claimed Tila was booted from the program after CNN received a letter from attorneys representing Jasmine Lennard, one of Casey's many frenemies. The letter reportedly warned that Tila could mean trouble for the network if she repeats allegedly false claims about their client.

Sources tell us Tila's camp was told about the cancellation before the Lennard letter arrived.

"She was canceled over the weekend as soon as the White House party guy was booked," one of the sources said.  

A rep for Tila did not comment.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


In other television dish, Sarah Palin has been hired by Fox News. Shocker!


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