Amber Valletta

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for GQ

Amber Valletta may be working to help protect whales, but that doesn't mean she wants to swim with them.

"As much as I would love to say I would, I have a deep respect for them and I don't want to encroach on them," Valletta tells me. "I'm also a little afraid because they're so big. I don't know that I'd want to jump into the water with them."

Not long after recently being named to the Honorary Board of Directors of the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW), Valletta posed for a portait as part of the its Tails for Whales campaign.

Her work with IFAW began a few years ago...

She became familiar with organization after she and some fellow models hosted a benefit for them. "I am going to step up my participation," she said. "I'm hoping to go and lobby in Washington, DC this year."

As for her work in Hollywood, Valletta stars opposite Jackie Chan and Billy Ray Cyrus in the about-to-be-released family flick The Spy Next Door.

"When he turns on the Jackie Chan thing, he just lights up a room," Valletta said.

As for Cyrus, she said, "He is super cool. He invited my son and I to come out to the Hannah Montana set."


Amber is very pretty and so are a lot of your fave celebs in our Big Picture photo gallery.

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