Breaking Dawn Update: It's Meyer vs. Summit!

Twilight brains are having “creative” differences

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Jan 11, 2010 2:36 PMTags
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Stephanie MeyerLester Cohen; Martinez/Picture Group Via AP Images; Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Enough Nonsten nonsense stuff, let's take a quick break to go back to the whole damn thing that made Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the gang: the movies.

People get so wrapped up in these kids' private lives, we forget there's still tons of fun drama happening inside our favorite studio that brings The Twilight Saga to life!

Deep Twi tells us there is no director set yet for Breaking Dawn because no one can decide on whether it's going to be one movie or two.

It seems that series mastermind Stephenie Meyer and Summit have slightly different agendas on that one...

"Stephenie is calling the shots," our mole tells us, "and she still can't decide whether or not [making two movies] is the right thing to do creatively."

Deep Twi insists that everything—including splitting Breaking Dawn into two films—is run by Meyer (after all she penned the friggin' thing).

"Both sides have very different agendas," 'fesses our insider.

See, here's the breakdown...

Stephenie doesn't need the money, so what does she care? It's double the work to split this film up.

Adds our source:

"Meyer isn't in it for the fame. She hates doing press, and she doesn't want to be recognized for anything other than her work, so what's her incentive to drag [the book] out?"

Of course, we're assured she does want to please the fans, but isn't four films enough?

Summit is doing its best to "politely inspire" Stephenie to greenlight the two-flick route. For them, double the work equals double the money. Studios care more about that green stuff than an out-of-nowhere millionaire housewife.

"The right creative solution" is the term everyone is bantering about over at the studio, when basically, it's all about trying to convince Meyer to do it.

Says Deep Twi:

"They keep trying to persuade her it's the right thing to do artistically. They're constantly waiting for her input."

Jeez, is it actually harder for a devout Mormon to whore out her creative baby than, say, a reported Protestant like J.K. Rowling, who certainly had no difficulties milking the Harry Potter flicks for all they were worth?

Oh, and Steph, just some more food for thought: If you put the kibosh on an extra Twilight film, Twi-hards are going to have your rich little booty for din-din! Trust us, you'll be skinned alive, diced, fried and then flambéed alive.

These are fans you do not want to disappoint.


We think the decision should be up to the cast. Look at all they went through during their New Moon: World Tour Madness.