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Jersey Shore star Ronnie doesn't think he could take another summer in Seaside Heights.

"If I had the opportunity to do a second season I would love the opportunity, but I definitely would not want to go back to Seaside," the series' resident muscleboy told me earlier today.

After watching last night's episode, we could understand why. Read on to find out what Ronnie has to say about his boardwalk brawls, getting thrown in jail and why you may never want to step into a Jacuzzi used by The Situation.

Last night's episode was one fight after the other. Do you usually fight this much?
This summer was the first time I've been in a fight in more than three years. When we first got there, everyone sees the cameras and they want to know who we are. So they were like, "Welcome to Seaside. Welcome to Seaside." But a few weeks later, people realized who we were and what was going on, it was like, "Get the hell out of Seaside."

You really beat that guy up last night. You were clocking him in the head. I had to turn away at one point.
At that point, security wasn't on me and Sam like they were supposed to be. I tried to avoid it as much as possible. [But] the kid finally swung at me, so I was just like, "I can't stand here and not do anything, because the next time he swings, he might connect to my face. I've got to do what's good for my well-being at this point. He waited for me outside of the bar after he already got kicked out. That's just asking for trouble.

And what about J-Woww's fight. Her arm was moving so fast when she was punching that woman. Who would win a fight—you or J-Woww?
My money's on J-Woww. If they had a UFC for women, I'd be her manager. She's got the reach of like a silverback gorilla.

In an upcoming episode, there's the fight that got you arrested. I know you've been saying that the charges were dismissed, but I spoke to the prosecutor's office, and they say it's still being reviewed with the possibility of facing a year in jail.
They're just saying that. I have all the paperwork. I got my bail money back. The bail place isn't going to send you your money back unless you have the correct paperwork to show them that everything has been taken care of in court. But you can see in the video that the choice I made was not the wrong choice.

I have to ask about you telling Sammi she has a Fred Flinstone big toe…
She actually apologized to me last night. She was like, "Listen, I'm deeply sorry for that. I was drunk. I blew it way out of proportion. She called me a "stumpy bastard" first so I was like, "All right, you want to play that game? I know where I can get you." So I just went right for the feet, because I know how women are about their feet.

Do you like The Situation? I got a feeling watching the aftershow that you still don't like him.
Honestly, the kid is a good kid, and I know that he really does mean well, but some people are just the way they are. I consider Mike a friend.

With all those women we see Mike bringing home, did he ever actually get laid?
Yeah, Mike turned the Jacuzzi into the "jizz-cuzzi."

I can't believe you just said that. Moving on, what's next for you?
If [a second season] doesn't work out, whatever money comes out of this whole thing, I'm looking to invest. Maybe when the real estate market gets better, invest in a few houses. Maybe I'll open up a tanning salon.


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