Jensen Ackles, Danneel Harris

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Yesterday, One Tree Hill honey Danneel Harris, who's engaged to Supernatural cutie-hottie Jensen Ackles, tweeted that she is so getting married. This after we ran an item saying don't hold your breath for such a swell event.

In fact, I bitched that famously fun-loving bachelors Jensen and his hunky Supernatural costar Jared Padalecki would sooner marry each other than actually follow through with marrying their fiancées. I also said I'd get Taryn Ryder, who's disgustingly gaga for Ryan Gosling, a date with Rachel McAdams' muscle-man ex should these marriages actually come to pass.

Ms. Harris, who I hear is besties with Sophia Bush and the like, not to mention a big proponent of playing bad girls (the best kind!), shot back to us via Twitter:

"Hey, Ted, tell Taryn to buy a new dress because it's happening, baby!"

Too fab!

I then tweeted to Danneel that Taryn's so happy, and asked if she and Jensen are going to film their newlywed months for reality television, since Danneel can do with a camera and red carpet events what Angelina Jolie can do with starving orphans.

Here's what she piped at us:

"@theawfultruth We've been building up our tolerance for liqueur and national scorn 4yrs in hopes that some1 would afford us this opportunity."

Then Harris labeled me "a funny hater." Wow. As a jaded-ass gossip crank, I'm duly impressed. Not only does this babe have the balls to banter with some jerk who said her fake marriage would never happen, she's damn smart about sticking up for herself in the process! Maybe this wedding will materialize after all?

I want an invite, Danneel! I promise to keep it all off-record and not to kiss the groom, deal?

And I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the (televised) Jensen and Danneel show. Get on that, Oprah Winfrey, shouldn't you grab that for your new network? Also, if anyone has any question as to who'll be sitting in the director's chair for the Harris/Ackles union, darling, you're reading the wrong column.

Oh, by the way, Danneel: What's up with Sophia and Austin Nichols? Are they the next duo in this happy lineup of love-silly TV stars to tie the knot?


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