Carrie Underwood's only been engaged for a couple weeks now, but everyone already wants wedding details, including us at E! News.

At last night's People Choice Awards, the country singer said her engagement to Canadian hockey player Mike Fisher has been great. "It’s been amazing being someone’s fiancé," she said.

As for the wedding, it doesn't seem like the couple has much say in the size; they're just too popular. "I think we would both like a very small wedding, but I honestly don’t think that’s going to happen," she told E! News. "There are too many great people that we work with, that we’re friends with, and he’s got a huge family. So we’re working on it."

But, like any famous person, she doesn't have to work on it too hard; that's what wedding planners are for. "Details, little things—I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m just going to be like make it pretty," she said when asked about the planning. "I’m probably going to be more stressed out about being a good host."

While Carrie didn't give away the date, she'll definitely make a gorgeous bride whenever this all goes down.


Now how do you feel about Carrie's dress? Let us know! It's You Write 'Em Up time in Fashion Police.

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