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Spoiler alert!

Lost's big, bad new nemesis may finally have been revealed: President Obama.

We know. We didn't see that one coming, either! Our money was totally on that mysterious guy on the beach with Jacob or something.

According to reports, the White House is mulling over two dates for the president's State of the Union address: Tuesday, Jan. 26 or Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Jan. 26 would preempt American Idol (which will only be in its audition phase at that point, but still, that show is bigger than God).

And Feb. 2 would preempt...oh, please don't make us say it out loud...

The highly anticipated two-hour premiere for Lost's final season.

You know that thing Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) advises about counting to five when the fear sets in? Let's all do that together now, shall we?

Clearly, messing with the beginning of the end will not go over with Lost fans, one of whom has already launched a campaign on Twitter called #NoStateofUnionFeb2.

An ABC rep for Lost tells us this morning: "Lost is still set for Feb. 2. We'll just have to wait to see if the State of the Union address is confirmed."

According to an ABC insider, there is talk of moving the premiere to the following Tuesday (Feb. 9) if Obama sticks with Feb. 2. However, it is not an easy decision. "Steve McPherson loved the idea of launching the series on Groundhog Day [which is Feb. 2 this year]," the insider tells me. "And obviously the amount of marketing capital spent on the Feb. 2 launch is considerable."

Clearly, ABC wants as many eyeballs as possible watching Lost's two-hour season premiere—including fans who've fallen out of watching in recent years who are likely to tune in for the final season to get their long-awaited answers.

If President Obama's speech does officially land on Feb. 2, should ABC move the Lost premiere? Or should keep it on that date but opt out of airing the State of the Union?

The comments are yours for the taking...and rallying!

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