Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner

Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images for PCA

Last night in L.A., Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner made their first public appearance together (sorta) since their holiday breakup.

Everyone, close friends included, knew Tay-Squared wasn't going to last, since the relaysh was more out of convenience than romance. So how did the two teen stars interact at last night's People's Choice Awards when the cameras weren't rolling?

We all know that Miss Swift and her mother graciously gave Tay-Tay a standing ovation when he won his People's Choice Award for favorite breakthrough actor.

But was it all for show? Sources inside the theater tell us the former "lovebirds" didn't interact at all.

In fact, when Swift made her belated entrance to the awards show during a commercial break, the audience went wild for the country star—but Lautner didn't even look up!

Don't think it was a dig at his former girl, though; it was so loud and crazy in there he prob just didn't even know what was going on. Right? Right.

The two stars were seated in the same section but at opposite ends from each other, so they didn't really get the opportunity to chat. Neither exactly went out of their way, though.

Lautner left the show shortly after accepting his award, and Swift stayed until she won for favorite female artist, near the end of the PCAs.

Taylor insiders insist there is no bad blood between these two cuties, 'tho.

We imagine that's just because neither of them really cares that much! Wish more Hollywood breakups would go this smoothly.

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