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Summit Entertainment

"No one's too worried about it."

—So 'fesses one of our studio moles concerning Summit's state of mind over the leaked Eclipse script, supposedly belonging to Jackson Rathbone

Look, New Moon had a similar glitch when Anna Kendrick's script was found in a trash can in St. Louis and the film still went on to gross way more than $600 million worldwide. Studio execs know Eclipse will be a hit no matter what.

What they should be worrying about is making sure Eclipse has better box-office legs than New Moon's two-week No. 1 run.

Any guesses as to what Team Awful isn't getting that worked up over, either?

That Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart weren't alone during their holiday vacay in the U.K.

Holly (the adorable fan who snapped pics with Robsten) told a radio station earlier that she didn't see anything romantic between Rob and Kristen and that they had friends with them.

Uh, New Year's Eve is when you want to have as many friends around you as possible! It's a party night, people. It's not weird that R and K would have some friends along for their trip.

Plus, as much as we heart this brave young fan who was able to get a picture with the Twilight stars, let's not let all our Robsten hopes rest on the verdict of a 13-year-old's idea of romance.


Glad Robsten & Co. are getting a break. Take a look back at New Moon craziness in our World Tour Madness gallery.

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