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Dear Ted:
Been seeing some gossip spread around about my favorite demon fighter. Apparently Jared Padalecki is engaged? Is this true and is it true love? Much love from across the pond!

Dear Jackles 4 Life:
Engagements (particularly rumored engagements) are like press releases in this town. They're often whipped up with great thought as to how it sounds, rather than how it's actually going to come to pass. Jake and Reese? Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila? I promise you two things: (1) Had Casey lived, that wedding never would have taken place, and (2) Jared Padalecki and his supertight Supernatural bud, Jensen Ackles, will sooner marry each other than who they're currently rumored to be getting hitched to. If I'm wrong? I'll get Taryn Ryder a date with Ryan Gosling.

Dear Ted:
Glad you're back from your vacation. Question for you: How do you know for sure that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are Robsten? They could be friends who like to hang together; seems like most of their outings include other friends. If these two were of the same gender, we wouldn't make the same assumption, but it happens that they are male-female attractive singles, so we pinned them together and run with it because we are all romantics at heart. Thoughts?

Dear Valid Points:
You're totally right on the gender thing. But if they were the same gender, having late-night rendezvous at various hotels, and always out together, well then we would still be gossiping about them...just something a little different.

Dear Ted:
Wishing you a Happy New Year. Hey, do you still have contact with any of the Twi sources at all? Just wondering if you still hear things from them now that the promos and filming is done (at least for a while). Or do you have "brand new" sources that you can trust?

Dear Oldies and Goodies:
We've still got our vintage sources who are still solid as ever, but since the cast is focusing on their own things right now, there's just not a whole lotta Twi-crap to goss about, save Robsten. When those horny kids are thrown together for four months of filming, that's when things get interesting. And they so will.

Dear Ted:
I just became a fan a couple of months ago and have recently started to go through your older posts. Why does it stop at 2008? I think you've been around for much longer than that, correct? Will all of the older posts appear in the archives anytime soon? If I may make some other suggestions: (1) You should have a section that lists all of the active Blind Vicers—there are so many it's confusing. With each, maybe you can have links to all posts in which they are mentioned? (2) It would be really cool to also have a section that displays all those Blind Vices that have already been revealed or retired (if there ever have been) and to say who that person was. (3) List the archives by year.

Dear Tech-Geek:
You're right, I have been around much longer than that—2008 was just when we switched over to blog form instead of a column. You can still read 'em, just have to Google search. Unfortunately there's no easy way to just click back, but they are there, promise. As for B.V. archive, it's in the works, swear.

Dear Ted:
It seems like everything Twilight related leaks on the internet. Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun, the New Moon script and now the Eclipse script. Do they need to start locking up their trash cans, or are they doing it themselves to keep the Twilight buzz going?
Juliana Lopes, Brazil

Dear Press Is Press:
Anything Twilight is a hot ticket, so where there's a will there's a way. It's pretty easy to get your hands on scripts before the movies are released, but for most films, nobody cares that much to seek them out.

Dear Ted:
Given that Nine went pretty under the radar and, in my opinion, wasn't that great (apart from the amazingly perfect Penélope Cruz), it got me thinking: Given that there were so many big egos in the film, why didn't any gossip surface? Please, Ted, you gotta give me something on these women.
Kat, U.K.

Dear Battle of the Bitches:
Only reason for the lack of drama is because these girls didn't really have scenes together. They were solo. Trust, if it were shot differently Nine would have the same trailer cattiness all the babes on Desperate Housewives do. Also, couldn't agree more about the flick, was boring as hell. Thank God that slutalicious Kate Hudson was in it, otherwise would have fallen asleep watching boring Daniel Day-Lewis. Why they didn't cast Javier Bardem in the role is beyond me.

Dear Ted:
OK, now I'm confused: People are saying Kristen is dating one of Rob's friends, that is the reason she went to the U.K. Is this true? Did I miss something? Please, tell me this is not true. I´m a huge Robsten fan and now I'm sad. So is Robsten a P.R. stunt? Please give us something positive and true, some people still thing you are lying to us, but I believe in you!

Dear Doubter:
Man, if you're giving up that easily, you're so not a Robsten believer, babe! Look—maybe R.Pattz and K.Stew are trying to have somewhat of a normal relaysh and actually date each other. Just because they're famous doesn't mean they have to either be nothing or married...there is a middle, people.

Dear Ted:
Please give me some gossip on Avatar star Sam Worthington! He seems a bit mad in interviews and seems to already be getting a reputation for being outspoken. Is there anything else we should know about?

Dear Worthy of Gossiping About:
He's Australian. Doesn't that say enough right there?

Dear Ted:
I recently found the script for The Runaways and wow! I'm so curious, what are your thoughts on Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie? It's hard for me to imagine Dakota in such a controversial role, and yet I'm impressed she has the guts to do it. I can't imagine how she kept a straight face during press for New Moon however, when people commented on how different that role was for her after already filming this!

Dear Daring Dakota:
I think it was a good move for her, it starts to move her out of the child actor category. It sure will be interesting to watch her and Kristen Stewart's chemistry for a change.

Dear Ted:
Has Matt Lanter has ever been one of your Blind Vices?

Dear 9021-Ho:

Dear Ted:
What is the real deal with Britney Spears and her manager/boyfriend? Is this really a caretaker with benefits situation, or is there feeling there besides the percentage he makes off of her?

Dear Love or Lust:
Isn't there always a catch with Brit-Brit?

Dear Ted:
Hope you had good holiday and while I was counting the awful minutes without you (pun intended), I hope you recharged your batteries a little. You never seem at all surprised by celebs and their (wrong) doings. Is there anything that ever surprises you? Give us one piece of goss that took you by storm! Come visit us in Amsterdam!

Dear Fun One:
The only thing that's ever really shocked me in this biz is that Nicole Kidman, once the classiest of the classy, now has a forehead and lips resembling a knockoff of Melanie Griffith, circa 2004. How the hell did that happen?

Dear Ted:
Why is Ryan Gosling one of your faves? Do you know anything about him? I have been unlucky enough to spend one horrible evening with that psychotic sociopath. This Dexter bitch must be as psycho as he is.

Dear Know It All:
Uh, not my same experience. Care to share?

Dear Ted:
I have to give kudos to Kristen Stewart because girl can sure disappear from the radar. After all the buzz of New Moon died out and once the promotion was over she has kept a low profile and is basically nowhere to be seen. She sure knows how to keep a truly private life; other celebrities can learn a thing or two from her.

Dear Agreed:
I find it totally refreshing...that's part of why we totally dig her here at the A.T.


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