Jennifer Lopez, Elle Magazine, Cover

Elle Magazine

Wow, Jennifer Lopez is more delusional than we thought. We should have known when she declared her El Cantante performance Oscar-worthy. Well, she has even more praises to sing for her own work, telling Elle, "I think Maid in Manhattan and Monster-in-Law are very layered movies." LOL, what?! Also, FYI, she's never considered in vitro fertilization because of God. The end.

Let it be known: Paris Hilton is finally ready to get married. She sees a "very bright and happy future" with Doug Reinhardt because he bought her lots of diamonds for Christmas and they had a really awesome vacation that one time they rented out an island in Fiji.

These Twilight girls will get naked for anything. Ashley Greene takes it off for SoBe Lifewater. At least with the last one it was under the guise of a "good cause."

For the most part, Miley sounded pretty down-to-earth in her Bazaar profile, but she did say one crazy awesome thing: "I thought it was so cool when girls would ask me, What's your shirt? And I'm like, Hanes, but I have $60,000 worth of jewelry on top of it!" Total diva status secured.


Oh look, there's Ashley Greene with clothes on in our Big Pic! Good job, Ashley Greene.

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