Kate Gosselin, People Cover

People Magazine

So this is what Kate Gosselin looks like with hair? And this new look took 20 "painstaking" hours to complete? Hmmm, very interesting, People magazine.

With her divorce all final, it was only a matter of time until Kate changed up the hair (that's just what ladies do, right?). And on top of the long locks, Kate is also changing her name. "It's hyphenated. I am now Kate Clean-Slate," she tells the mag. Cute!

While the new 'do reminds us of Britney's disheveled weaves, Ms. Clean-Slate seems to like it... 

"It's good to have hair again. I never thought I'd have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life."

Also, she tells People she's getting the kids therapy! See, everything's going to be okay in 2010.

Now, let's get down to the important question: What do you think of Kate Clean-Slate and her new extensions?


Not ready to move on with the new extensions? It's OK, just relive Jon and Kate '09 dramz here in our Reality of Jon & Kate Plus 8 gallery.

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