Casey Johnson, Ava Johnson

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Casey Johnson's daughter, Ava-Monroe, will be well taken care of, according to friends of the late Johnson & Johnson heiress.

In fact, the 3-year-old wasn't even in Casey's care when her mother passed away. Casey's mom, Sale Johnson, along with her husband, sports broadcaster and former NFL star Ahmad Rashad, began taking care of the child last month.

"Sale is pretty much her mom now, and it will probably stay that way," one source said.

According to the source, Casey's family and friends had been worried about the child's welfare ever since Johnson adopted her from Kazakhstan two years ago...

"She'd see Ava maybe for 10 minutes a day," one source said. "Casey was either sleeping or going out. Nannies really took care of her."

Sale became especially worried in the last year or so as Casey's erratic behavior seemed to worsen, highlighted by her longtime substance-abuse problems and a run-in with the law (she was arrested and charged with grand theft in November). On top of that, Casey made a surprise announcement last month that she and reality-TV personality Tila Tequila were engaged to be married.

There was apparently an unsuccessful attempt to have Casey committed to a mental facility.

"Child protective services were called to her house at least twice that I know of," said the source.

Even so, those who have spent time with Ava say she appears to be well-adjusted.

"She's a little quiet, but very cute and sweet-looking," the source said. "She's a lovely child and, of course, is always well-dressed."


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