Link Party: Kim Kardashian Will Help You Feel...Sexy

Reality star and her sis Khloé spend today's Link Party rolling around in slo-mo. Catch the action!

By Jennifer Cady Jan 05, 2010 10:15 PMTags

• Khloé Kardashian Odom unveiled her and Kim's Quick Trim ad today. There's nothing like bikinis, slow jams and lines like "Do you" to sell a weight loss product.

• Jennifer Lopez tells Latina magazine she's really kinda annoyed with those Oscar Academy people. They really dropped the ball when they didn't give her a Best Actress Oscar for her work in El Cantante.

Three of the Jolie-Pitt children inherited $100,000 each from their late grandmother. The other three will remain penniless forever.

• Kathy Griffin has reportedly been banned from yet another network. CNN isn't too fond of her New Year's Eve banter with Anderson Cooper. This year it included an F-bomb. According to a source, even Anderson is done with her.

For all those haters out there sick of Michael Cera playing the same role over and over again, he would like you to see this clip where he plays a child mental murderer.


Sorry, everyone. Looks like there will be no more Lindsay Lohan bikini shots for a while. She's packed up and left St. Barts (but not our Big Pic gallery).