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Yes, of course, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are so stronger than ever, showing off their cozy love globally (gosh, who's the only one who said they were totally an item all along?). So let's move on to an even less shocking couple report:

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner split last week, and friends of the couple formerly known as Tay-Squared are telling us they were hardly surprised...

Us Weekly claimed the Taylors called it quits because "they were better off as friends" and had "no chemistry," and pals close to Lautner confirm to Team Awful that no chemistry is an understatement.

"It was just convenient," a source close to the New Moon cutie tells us of his and Swift's relaysh. "It was more because [being together] made sense, not because they both really wanted it. Plus, it's not like they ever actually saw each other that much."

With a hit movie, hit tour and two SNL appearances to promote, you bet that this match made in Young Hollywood heaven was "convenient."

Now, we're not totally pessimistic and saying that T & T's couple-month courtship was all for publicity. But let's break down why staying together and going on cute ice cream dates benefits both Taylors in the end:

Lautner only recently became a major Twilight player. Everyone loves Rob (not to mention all the Rob-Kristen speculation that went on forever), so Taylor's team needed to make sure he stayed relevant, too. Voilà! Taylor Swift. Both are likeable and innocent and have equal star power in the teen world's eyes. And two celebs are always better than one (it's the Brangelina effect) so they automatically keep each other in the news.

So why would Swift's team be intrigued? Because she's the anti-Miley. Taylor's the less provocative teen icon, who's just so gosh darn innocent. Swift should be dating an equal on her teen-throb scale, not a twentysomething underwear model.

"[Taylor and Taylor] got along as friends," says our insider, "but that's all it ever really was going to be, and they both knew that. They aren't each other's type."

What do you think the chances are Swift will have a naughty hookup eventually with someone like John Mayer? We think that's the kinda guy she really wants but would never be allowed go after.

Maybe both Taylors are holding out for more than just a good-on-paper romance, which we dig. Gyllenspoon should have ended this quickly. We think both Swift and Lautner have the potential to be drawn to more of the forbidden-type relationships. Don't you?


Do we have to take Tay 'n' Tay out of our Vamp Lovers Gallery now?

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