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"Yes, yes and yes!"

This is how Kim Raver answered a certain burning question regarding her romantic status on Grey's Anatomy, but then promptly cut herself off.

"Wait, hold on! Was I supposed to say that? Let me check my notes!" she said with a laugh. (You gotta love the candor.)

I just got off the phone with the always charming Kim—who was just upped to series regular status, hurrah!—and she dished on what's next for Teddy and even answered your fan questions directly.

So what was she (possibly) not supposed to say?

Teddy is definitely still in love with Owen.

Now, naturally, this may seem to be bad news for you fans of Cristina [Sandra Oh] and Owen [Kevin McKidd], but au contraire, tubaires! As you may have noticed in recent episodes, there is much more to this "love triangle" dynamic than first met the eye, and Kim insists Teddy is not a homewrecker.

"I think [Teddy] is still in love with [Owen]," Kim said. "But what's so great about Teddy, and for the fans, is she knew Owen was engaged while they were in Iraq, and she never did anything, and that's what I think is so amazing about her. She's not going to start doing that kind of thing now. Then on top of it, she has such enormous respect for Cristina because she's so good, and she's also her mentor. So while I think she's still in love with Owen, she's going to have to figure out how to deal with that."

Kim (who starred in the two loved-but-canceled series Lipstick Jungle and The Nine) spoke with me today after calling her mother to share the good news of her series-regular status. "I was just telling my mother that for once she doesn't have to worry about my show being canceled," Kim laughed. "And I can't imagine a better show to be a part of right now than this one."

I asked Kim some of the questions you fans sent in via the comments and email...

Karen: If Cristina and Owen are moving on with their relationship, is Teddy going to still be a threat to them romantically? Professionally, will she be able to put her feelings aside and be a good mentor for Cristina?
What's also interesting is not just [Teddy] being in love with Owen, but how she sees Cristina being her mentor, and that relationship really evolves, and I just love it. I love working with Sandra, as well as Kevin and the rest of the cast, but Sandra and I have this cool, interesting dynamic, and I know how much the fans just love and adore Cristina and how Sandra plays this character. There's an interesting chemistry between the two of our characters, too.

Teresa: We Grey's fans can be passionate when it comes to Cristina and Owen. Were you worried about how you would be received?
Yes! I was really afraid of that because I think there's a really great dynamic between Cristina and Owen. But most of the feedback has been, "Wow, we're really glad to see that it's not what I thought!" I think they sense that I'm not there to break up [Cristina and Owen's] relationship, but that it will get more complicated, more complex. I think Shonda and the rest of the writing staff do a great job at having her be more than just an ex-girlfriend coming in.

Karen: Will [Teddy] get her own storyline with the other characters?
I would say yes. I'm already starting to build other relationships, not boyfriend-girlfriend, but other relationships are starting to evolve.

FredMichael: Please ask Kim if she knows if her character Audrey will ever be back on 24.
Hmmm, that's such a tough one. There's talk sometimes that it will happen; then there's talk that it probably won't happen. I love Audrey. I love Jack [Kiefer Sutherland] and Audrey. I think right now this is such a new and exciting time for me at Grey's that it won't happen now, but with 24, never say never. People are dead on that show, and then they're alive. But probably not now.

Maria in Boston: It seems like things won't work out with Owen, so will Teddy hook up with another doctor? Everyone hooks up with everyone at Seattle Grace.
I was thinking about that! Who do the fans think Teddy should be with? Let's take a poll. They probably know better than me.

You heard the girl. Comment below, please!

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