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This just in: Leighton Meester is the worst gossip giver ever!

We ran into the Gossip Girl goddess at the opening of Klutch nightclub in Miami and she seemed to spill some very big beans on what's ahead on her CW show:

"Someone is pregnant!"

After searching high and low, near and far, and in every imaginary OB/GYN office on the Upper East Side we have concluded: That mischievous little minx was talking about freaking Dorota. Yes, Dorota! You know, Blair's hired hand? And this wouldn't be such a letdown if we didn't already know this info ages ago when it was revealed on the show.

Nicely played, Leighton. We'll leave the real gossip-giving to Kristen Bell.

The good news? Even though the holidays are sleepytimes in the TV biz, we still have a few scoopy morsels to share, including the latest on Gossip Girl, Lost, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, 24 and some other favorites...

Donna: Scoop! Now! On Grey's Anatomy please...preferably Owen and Cristina?

Greys Anatomy, Kim Raver, Kevin McKidd

ABC/Randy Holmes

How about Cristina and Teddy? Don't worry, they aren't resurrecting the foiled plan from years ago I hinted at that Cristina (Sandra Oh) would be bisexual, but it sure sounds like Teddy and Cristina will have lots of fun stuff coming up. Kim Raver tells me, "There's an interesting scene where Teddy drunkenly reveals things about Cristina to Owen, and that's really fun. It was so great that they had her drunk, and Teddy just goes on and on and on. It was interesting."

Randall: Thanks for the scoop on Cristina and Owen in your Kim Raver story. I was surprised to hear you say that Kevin McKidd had dyed his hair. Is this for an upcoming storyline?
No. His hair is actually blond! Weird, right?! He seems such a natural redhead.

Janice in Voorburg, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands: Love your section here on E! Online. You're my go-to girl for spoilers. Only thing I miss is some love for Eric/Calleigh from CSI: Miami. Please post a link to the Save Eric Delko site.
Done! Also, for nostalgia purposes, here's Adam Rodriguez in a Jennifer Lopez music video from way back in 1999. Good times! And thank you.

Ashley P. in Illinois: I am so sorry to bother you, but I keep hearing that the CW will cancel Gossip Girl. Do you know what the real deal is? I hope that the show is not getting canceled. This is my favorite show. Please let me know what the truth is.
The CW ordering another year of Gossip Girl is one of the few sure things in this world. Even with that network's overall ratings troubles, Gossip Girl is a winner for them, both creatively and economically. Don't worry your pretty little head about it for another minute!

Eastwick, Lindsay Price, Rebecca Romijn, Jaime Ray Newman


Leigh in New York: I was catching up on Eastwick yesterday morning (I have a thing for Lindsay Price—I can't describe it) and was startled when it seemed the most recent episode had skipped resolving some major cliffhangers from the previous episode. At the end of the earlier episode, all three girls were about to die, and then at the beginning of the most recent, they had no powers, were all alive and healthy, and were avoiding each other. Do you know what's up?
OK, we checked with ABC and here's the deal, but brace yourself, because it's confusing: The Eastwick episode "Red, Bath & Beyond" was originally scheduled to air Dec. 23, but it was pre-empted for two episodes of Cougar Town. Then the next chapter in the story, "Magic Snow and Creepy Gene," aired on Dec. 30, without the previous chapter "Red, Bath & Beyond" ever getting airtime on ABC. And the last episode, "Pampered and Tampered," was originally set to air Jan. 13, but it has been replaced by Ugly Betty, which is now airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Sadly for you Lindsay Price fans, ABC currently does not currently have new air dates planned for the airing of either "Red, Bath & Beyond" or "Pampered and Tampered." (Don't they know that Eastwick won our Fall Save One Show poll?!) The two remaining eps of Eastwick may be scheduled at some point in the future, but nothing is nailed down. Sad face. Sorry, guys.

Arnold in Avondale, Ariz.: Can you tell us when the next Hell's Kitchen is scheduled for? Our son was/is a contestant, and he won't tell us a thing.
Fox hasn't set an air date yet for the next season of Hell's Kitchen, so if your son is being tight with the details, it's probably because he doesn't have them yet! In the meantime, you can get your Gordon Ramsay fix on again beginning Jan. 29 when Fox premieres a new season of Kitchen Nightmares.

Jennifer in Charlotte, N.C.: Is there any way to save Better Off Ted? Please say yes! Why do all of the smart and funny shows get the ax? ABC will hopefully see this show for the gem it truly is. They cannot get rid of it.
Honestly, things don't look good for the wonderfully smart and funny Ted, so for the sake of your health, don't hold your breath waiting for a renewal. The execs at ABC were more than patient and gracious with BOT when they renewed the abysmally rated show for even a second season, much less a third, but maybe there's still room for some comedy charity in their hearts? Best-case scenario, we would love to see Better Off Ted and Scrubs join Modern Family and Cougar Town on ABC's Wednesday comedy block, which would be a highly competitive two hours of funny that would give us three days a week of great TV comedy blocks (CBS owns Monday, ABC could dominate Wednesday, and Thursday belongs to NBC, of course). Cross your fingers and pray, TV fans!

Jackie in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.: When do all the shows come back?! Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy? I can't make it much longer without them!
All your TV-show return date questions are answered in our winter premieres calendar!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Lost, Promo Poster, Final Season


Radina in Sofia, Bulgaria: I want to thank you for the awesome Lost-mas spoilers, and I really want to know if the kiss you mention between Sawyer and someone on Lost will be a flashback or a real-time kiss?
It's not a flashback.

Wallace in Rhode Island: Thanks for all the amazing Lost scoop in the 12 days of Lost-mas! It was like Christmas over and over again. Could you give any more little morsels or is that all? I think the new season sounds pretty good. Do you think so?
Yes. From what I know so far, I truly think you all will not be disappointed. How's this for a morsel for now: One Lostie we know and love will vow to kill another Lostie we know and love.

Rachel in Rio: I've always been your number one fan, but I'm just so sad with you right now. You put "Jate" in the title of your 11th day of Lost-mas article, and when I opened the link there's a lot of Skate and Suliet spoilers, but nothing Jate. It's OK if you don't wanna or don't have any Jate spoiler to give us, but it's just cruel to do a thing like that. Thank you so much.
I am so sorry. I received many upset emails like this one, and I want you to know this was not an intentional slight. I fully meant to include something on Jate when I set out to write the article, but unfortunately was not able to dig up anything on their interaction, and (mommy brain, sorry!) simply forgot to change the title. The one thing I can tell you is that there seems to be more happening between Sawyer and Kate than Jack and Kate in the beginning of the new season, but as we all know, everything can change in one single episode on Lost, so don't give up hope. I will keep my fingers crossed for you Jate fans that there is something worth squeeing about in season six! And again, my sincere apologies.

Glee, Dianna Agron

Carin Baer/FOX

Lauren in Baltimore: I will do anything for some spoilers on whether Quinn will be giving birth this season on Glee, and will the birth be a happy ending? I'm hoping for an open adoption for Quinn, Puck and their baby girl.
We'll definitely meet baby "Quick" sooner rather than later. Glee boss Ryan Murphy told us, "It'll happen before the end of the season," and said that Quinn won't be going into labor during the chaos of regionals, so expect that storyline to get a full and proper spotlight of its own.

Samson in New York: Do you know anything about Chuck Bass' "mom" on Gossip Girl?
I heard it's a trick by Jack Bass, but then, um, it might not be—or something like that. It sounds confusing and there are definitely a lot of twists and turns, so buckle up! (Especially if you're in a car with Tripp—anyone else completely over that character? I find myself focusing on his hair gel in scenes, which can't be a good sign.)

Sasha in Phoenix, Ariz: I'm so excited to see David Anders on 24! Can you tell us anything about his character?
David Anders
' character on 24 is in league with a bunch of nefarious Russians with access to fissile materials. (They want to make the world go boom.) Other familiar faces popping up in minor roles in the 24 four-hour premiere include Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley as Kim's baby daddy and The Wire's Domenick Lombardozzi as a NYC patrolman who doesn't much like Jack Bauer. Oh, and by the time the first four hours of day eight are done, you'll find yourself taking Freddie Prinze Jr. seriously. (We were sorta shocked too.)

Chuck, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski

NBC Photo: Greg Gayne

Mathias in Burbank, Calif.: Wait a second, who's dying on Chuck?
We don't want you to worry yourselves too much, because it is not a major player on Chuck. But diehard Nerd Herders will be surprised to see this character offed so quickly. Fret not, because this demise clears the way for a fan fave to move up the ranks, so to speak.

Sam in San Francisco: Chuck!
Would you believe that Col. Casey and Morgan join forces? Morgan has an "insurgent" problem on his hands at the Buy More, and Casey, well, he hates insurgents. Best odd couple ever?

Maggie in N.Y.: Scrubs, please.
An adorably preggo Elliot (Sarah Chalke) makes another cameo this week to give Denise (Eliza Coupe) some ladylove advice. Hmmm, is that really such a good idea?

Pete in Ohio: I've been missing Modern Family. What's happening with my favorite show?
Jay's got a major case of jealousy when Gloria's sexy, studly ex returns to town with some big gifts for Manny. And get ready to see Cam shed some tears this week when Lily just can't get to sleep. Can we just take a quick moment to thank all of The Powers That Be for having Benjamin Bratt stop by not one, but two shows this year. Keep 'em coming!

Karina via Twitter: We can't wait to see Lisa Kudrow on Cougar Town. Can you tell us anything else about her appearance?
Gone are the days of Phoebe Buffay when Lisa Kudrow stops by Cougar Town this week. The former Friend is a lean, very mean Botox-wielding machine, but the scenes between Lisa and Courteney Cox will leave fans of the NBC classic begging for more reunions.

Big Love, Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Jennifer Goodwin, Chloe Sevigny

Lacey Terrell/ HBO

Jessi in San Francisco: Is it true this is Amanda Seyfried's last season on Big Love?
Yes, the bad news is that producers have confirmed that Sarah Henrickson will be leaving the nest by the end of the season, but the good news is that Aaron Paul is back as lovahboy Scott to help set up her exit, Tina Majorino returns as Mac Heather for the same reason, and Amanda Seyfried gets some fabulous juicy material to work with on her way out. (Not to mention a very pretty white dress, hint hint.) In the few episodes we have left with Sarah/Amanda, you longtime fans should especially enjoy her scenes with Jeanne Tripplehorn as mom Barb—they both totally kill it.

Tulane in Chicago: So excited for Big Love! What can we look forward to in season four? I love those crazy Mormons.
It seems that two of Alby Grant's children may be in love, but not with their spouses. Alby meets a new boyfriend in the park and goes totally gaga stalker for him, and Nicki still hasn't gotten over her feelings for the district attorney who was investigating Roman. Oh, and speaking of Roman, we haven't seen the last of Harry Dean Stanton yet.

Amanda in Colyton, England: So excited that Secret Diary of a Call Girl is coming back. What can you tell us about Belle this season?
For the record, I've seen all eight Secret Diary episodes from season three and really liked 'em! This show is like reading a good chick-lit book. If you were hoping that Belle/Hannah (Billie Piper) and Ben (Iddo Goldberg) were going to get together this season, you're pretty much out of luck, since our wayward heroine instead takes up with her book editor, played by James D'Arcy. (Think Michael Vartan with a British accent and you'll get the idea of his appeal.) But Belle/Hannah's world is not just romance. Belle/Hannah is still seeing her perverted but charming customers, grappling with the consequences of her tell-all book (madam Stephanie is not a happy camper), and then Belle/Hannah's sister moves in and takes a liking to, oh yes, Ben. (Scandal!)

Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco

Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Lily in Dorchester, Mass.: Spill about Nurse Jackie season two! Edie Falco is amazing!
Edie Falco
is indeed amazing, and she gets to wow us even more with her range this second year on Nurse Jackie. The walls are closing in on Jackie Peyton, and we'll see the would-be invulnerable Jackie struggle with a lot of difficult emotions this season, including shock, humiliation and fear. Ex-flame Eddie (Paul Schulze) scuttles around along the edges of her world and threatens to reveal their old affair, daughter Grace (Ruby Jerins) is deep in the throes of her anxiety disorder, and new nurse Sam (Arjun Gupta) has her drug-seeking number. The only person who remotely understands the true nature of Jackie's plight is BFF Dr. O'Hara (Eve Best), but O'Hara's too busy grappling with her mother's death to be of much use to Jackie, and while Thor (Stephen Wallem) is a perfectly charming character, they've demanded that he become the replacement Momo (Haaz Sleiman) in Jackie's life, and it is not the same. Not one bit. Jackie needs help.

Petra in Florida: What can you tell us about the new season of United States of Tara? I can't wait to see the poncho goblin again!
Sadly, you'll have to wait a bit. When this season of United States of Tara premieres, everything at Casa Gregson is downright peachy-keen. Tara (Toni Collette) went back on her medication, so T, Alice, Buck and poncho goblin are locked down and there's nothing but suburban bliss for miles around. Well, at least until a neighbor down the street kills himself, and Tara starts peering into his empty house of shadows. This season of USoT is going to go psychologically dark, not least because Tara's meds stop working and she doesn't tell a soul. Ruh-roh!

Victor: Who is coming back with Taylor to One Tree Hill? I saw the promo for it and it looks really good.
I'm told by a reliable source that the mystery guy she brings with her is someone's ex-husband. Thoughts? Bets? Guesses?

We'll be seeing lots of your TV favorites (actors, producers, etc.) all next week at the Television Critics Association Press Tour. So if you have questions, get them in now! (tvdiva@eonline.com)

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Megan Masters

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