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Someone got carried away all right…to jail.

Per local affiliate WTRF, the Ohio lawman found guilty last month of snooping around the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's surrogate searching for souvenirs that he tried to sell to the tabloids was sentenced Tuesday to two years and eight months in prison.

Suspended Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter resigned from his post two weeks ago following his Nov. 23 conviction for receiving stolen property, theft in office and tampering with evidence in connection with the June break-in at the residence of Michelle Ross.

Ross, who gave birth last June to the celebrity couple's twin girls, was not at home at the time of the incident. But she testified in open court that when she returned from the hospital, she discovered items misplaced, including a plaster cast of her belly, and missing ultrasound pictures and various surrogate documents with tax information.

The copper was later caught red-handed on audiotapes recorded by internal affairs investigators admitting he entered the house when he saw a basement door ajar and subsequently "secured" it. But two paparazzi took the stand and told the jury that Carpenter had approached them looking to hock the mementos for cash.

The policeman did catch a break, however: He could've gotten the maximum—six years in the slammer. And he was also acquitted on charges of burglary and unauthorized use of property or services.

His attorney said he plans to appeal the sentence.

Carpenter's comastermind in the crime, Bridgeport Police Chief Chad Dojack, is scheduled to stand trial on similar charges in January.


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