Brooke Mueller, Mug Shot

Miami Dade Police

It seems Charlie Sheen's not the only one in his marriage who's had a run-in or two with the law.

Brooke Mueller, whose TV star hubby was arrested and jailed on Christmas Day after he allegedly threatened her with a knife, also has something of a rap sheet; E! News has learned she was arrested on two separate occasions: once for driving under the influence and causing damage to property, and later for possession of cocaine. (Both cases were ultimately dropped.)

The first charges came back in 1996, when a Palm Beach police officer spotted the then 19-year-old Mueller driving erratically. The car, which held three other passengers, rounded a corner and crashed into a road sign, knocking it down but managing to avoid any injuries.

View the DUI and cocaine reports.

According to the incident report, Mueller "had no recognition of hitting any sign," and had to use the car door "as a brace to remain standing." She consented to a field sobriety exam, and of the six tests the officer conducted, Mueller passed only one.

As averages go, it's not great.

Mueller was arrested on DUI charges and taken to the Palm Beach County Jail, where she quickly told officers she had drunk wine, taken Vicodin, and previously used both marijuana and cocaine. She also expressed concern that someone had added Rohypnol, the date-rape drug, to her drink.

The officer noted that she also suffered several mood swings while in custody: "The mood swings ranged from happy and pleasant to sad. Several moments she started to cry, then was very pleasant, talkative and cooperative."

The experience no doubt familiarized her with a process she would come to experience yet again five years later.

In March of 2001, Mueller was again arrested in Florida, this time for cocaine possession, a third-degree felony. She was ultimately released on $5,000 bond. The case was ultimately dropped as tests revealed she had no drugs in her system.

As for Sheen, while he's due back in a Colorado courtroom Feb. 8 to face his domestic disturbance charges, he's first expected back on the set on Two and a Half Men next Monday, when the show resumes production after its Christmas break. Sheen is currently in the final year of his contract with the show.

Still, might be a good idea for the cast and crew to skip that icebreaker talking about how they spent their vacation. That could get awkward.


Check out Charlie and Brooke in happier times in the couple's Better Days gallery.

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