Denise Richards, Lola, Sam, DO NOT USE IN OTHER STORIES

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Yesterday Denise Richards took the two daughters she shares with Charlie Sheen out to the park for some swinging and paparazzi photos. Totally normal day for this family. But some jerks on the Internet had to go and accuse her of staging a photo op (gasp!she would never!) to show how well she's doing in comparison to Charlie's new family, and Denise is just so offended.

Good thing she has a Twitter! Usually, she uses the microblogging platform to document what a good mom she is, but it's also the perfect place to clear up this misunderstanding.

"for all the negative nellies out there, I DID not have a photo op with my kids at a park when there is drama u get followed more," she angrily tweeted.

And that's not all she has to say:

Denise Richards, Twitter


"I genuinely love to be with my girls and don't have a nanny raising them. They are my #1 priority and always will be."

But that doesn't mean that one day when Sam and Lola are old enough they won't know all the dirty details of their mother's tumultuous relationship with fame.

"sorry had to vent s*** pisses me off day..I will spill my guts about EVERYTHING," she promises.

Any bets when that will be?

(Originally published Dec. 29, 2009, at 1:14 p.m. PT)


While Charlie certainly has a history of lady troubles, there was a time when things were good at the beginning of his third marriage. Check it out in our Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller: Better Days gallery.

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