Britney Spears

With news that Britney Spears' conservatorship will stay in place for another six months to a year, Brit decided to exercise what freedom she does have and dye her hair back to brunette.

Brunette has always symbolized independence for the pop star, who spent most of her preconservatorship days with darker locks. And also sometimes pink. Really anything that wasn't blond.

Brit debuted her new 'do as she was dropped off at the Mondrian in West Hollywood. We'll see how long her dye job lasts this time—her summer one was short-lived, after all. And the second it changes, you know where to find the latest on Britney's hair! (Right here.)

Do you prefer Brit's locks light or dark?


Brit's not the only one who can't make up her mind whether blondes or brunettes have more fun. Check out more indecisive starlets in our Blonde or Brunette gallery.

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