Brittany Murphy


It's an eerie and tragic example of life imitating art.

In a dreadful case of bad timing, Brittany Murphy's sudden death on Sunday has forced the DVD rental company Redbox to yank box art images from its kiosks nationwide for the actress's latest film, Deadline.

The cover shows the 32-year-old's character lying lifeless in a bathtub.

Murphy, of course, collapsed in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills home Sunday morning and, after unsuccessful attempts by family and paramedics to revive her, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

And that sent Redbox scrambling when it realized what was on the cover of the straight-to-DVD horror thriller.

"We are removing the box art images from our displays," Redbox spokeswoman Laura Dihel tells E! News. "We will continue to carry her film, but we will not be featuring the box art. We have 19,000 locations, and to be honest, I can't tell you if this particular art is up at all the locations."

Staffers began removing the Deadline artwork yesterday and hope to complete the task by Jan. 1. The box art was also pulled from the company's website.

In the film, Murphy plays a screenwriter who travels to a haunted Victorian mansion to finish a script on deadline, only to stumble upon videos recorded by past residents that lead her to have a psychological breakdown.

(Originally published Dec. 23, 2009, at 1:27 p.m. PT)


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