Preview Brittany Murphy's Final Film, Abandoned

Check out a 45-second clip from the last film Brittany Murphy shot

By Jennifer Cady Dec 23, 2009 6:35 PMTags

Abandoned will be known as Brittany Murphy's final film. Shot back in June, she stars as a woman searching for her husband (Dean Cain) after he mysteriously disappears from a hospital following surgery. Of course, it's way harder than just a normal missing-person search because no one believes her due to her history of psychiatric issues. Just look at that doctor in the 45-second clip above giving her a hard time.

Speaking out to Extra, the film's director, Michael Feifer, counters rumors that Brittany was difficult to work with. "She glowed all the time," he remembers. "I had a really sweet relationship with her. She was always on the ball."

As for her husband, all Feifer knows is that he really loved Brittany. "The two of them have the sweetest, most loving relationship," he said. "They watched over each other and took care of each other and we were all shocked at how connected they were."

Though Abandoned is currently lacking a theatrical distributor, Feifer is anticipating a 2010 release date.


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