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It's 2010 folks, but we can't forget some of the biggest losers of '09. We're almost to the end of our Ho Ho Ho Awards and "super skank" doesn't even sum up our next two candidates.

No question about it, 2009 was the year of the douche bag. But which scum of the earth rose to the top of the pile? You'll have to pick between a bad boyfriend and a horrid husband, both so truly delusional they think they were the victims.

Douche-Master Ho: Chris Brown vs. Jon Gosselin

Chris Brown Brown said nothing about his Rihanna beatdown for way too long. Now he won't shut the hell up about it. This smirking schmuck still considers himself the victim, even though he should be down on his knees thanking god he's still got any semblance of a career left.

Jon Gosselin: After breaking it off with Kate, the balding, bulging TV schlub was linked to four younger women, which is still half the amount of kids he's got at home wondering where daddy is. We wouldn't be surprised if Jon admitted he banged Tiger Woods.

Ho Ho Ho Awards: Round 9!
Who was the bigger ho in 2009?
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Check back January 5th for the Ho winners


We didn't do a Best Douche category, but both Jon and that other douche did well in our Best of 2009: Juiciest Scandals

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