No Tour Planned for So You Think You Can Dance's Season-Six Top 10

Bad news for dance fans, no live performances are currently in the works

By Jennifer Godwin Dec 23, 2009 1:37 AMTags
SYTYCD 6, Top 10Kelsey McNeal/FOX

So You Think You Can Dance season six turned out to have a few more rough edges than perhaps the producers and dancers would have liked.

Several members of the top 20 were so seriously injured that they had to drop out or stop out (Billy, Noelle, Ashleigh), the final was hosted on the home stage rather than in the glamorous confines of the Kodak Theatre, the top four were fluffed up into a top six for lack of time and now comes the news that the victory tour is probably canceled.

What? Is it true that there's no tour on deck for season six's top 10 dancers? Here's what we're hearing...

Top-eight finalist Mollee Gray broke the news on her Twitter this afternoon. She tweeted, "I just heard we aren't having a tour?! Ugghh man that sucks for sure... :( I'm gunna cry :("

According to a representative for the show, the tour is not absolutely, positively canceled, but neither is it on the drawing board. The rep says: "It has been a very unique year for So You Think You Can Dance with seasons five and six airing back-to-back and season seven auditions starting in January. Each season we strive to deliver a stellar tour for the fans and are still open to touring opportunities with the season-six dancers in the future, but nothing has been set at this time."

To which we can only say: bah humbug! We're sad that the season sixers seem to have gotten the shaft at nearly every turn, and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe agrees that running two seasons back-to-back was not an ideal scenario for the dancers involved.

Lythgoe told us after the finale show that doubling up was never part of the plan: "It was never anticipated to run twice a year, and it's unfair on [season-five winner] Jeannine to have Russell there. She should have her year. I still don't know if [season seven] is going be in the summer or in the fall next year."

Are you bummed about the news that there's no season-six tour planned? When do you think season seven should air? And how do you feel season five compared to season six?

—Additional reporting by Megan Masters


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