Randy Quaid and Wife Actually Show Up in Court, Plead Innocent to Hotel Scam

Couple decides to go off the lam to be arraigned in bizarre resort-and-dash case

By Josh Grossberg Dec 22, 2009 9:20 PMTags
Randy Quaid, Evi QuaidMarfa Police Department

This Vacation is over.

After plenty of prodding from authorities (can you say arrest warrants and forfeited bail?), Randy and Evi Quaid have finally gotten the hint. The on-the-lam twosome turned up in a Santa Barbara courtroom today and pleaded not guilty to charges of skipping out on a $10,000 tab at a local resort earlier this year.

Days after they were arrrested as felony fugitives in their native Texas and forced to post $40,000 bond apiece, the Independence Day star and his missus finally decided to make the trip out to the Golden State.

They were arraigned on misdemeanor charges of burglary, conspiracy and defrauding an innkeeper, and allowed to leave after posting an additional $20,000 bail each. They promised to return March 1 for a preliminary hearing.

We won't hold our breath.


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