Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl Love Triangle Gets Scandalous, and Wait, There's a Wedding?

Are they trying to make us hate Jenny Humphrey? Sure looks like it; plus, the latest exclusive scoop on Glee, Dexter and more...

By Kristin Dos Santos Dec 22, 2009 12:45 AMTags
Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen, Gossip GirlGiovanni Rufino / The CW

Someone's getting hitched on Gossip Girl.

And someone is going to want to kick Jenny Humphrey in the shins. And it might be me.

Sources are spilling deets on what's ahead for the show's new love triangle, and it so ain't pretty; plus, the return of Jack Bass (also known as Dexter's Quinn).

Meanwhile, what's the latest on Glee, Lost, Supernatural and Survivor? Keep reading for the exclusive scoop...

Ellen in Tennessee: I can't stand the rumors that Cat Deeley won't be back on So You Think You Can Dance next season. Please tell me it's not true.

Kelsey McNeal/FOX

It's official: Cat Deeley will most definitely be back—although she'll be a jet-setting fool. We're told the hostess with the mostess will simultaneously be appearing on the new U.K. version of SYTYCD.

Tamara in Orange County: Are there going to be back-to-back seasons of So You Think You Can Dance again?
Mastermind Nigel Lythgoe tells us no. "It was never anticipated to run twice a year, and it's unfair on [season-five winner] Jeannine to have Russell there. She should have her year. I still don't know if it's going be in the summer or in the fall next year." As for a potential STYTCD all-star season, Nigel has an even cooler idea: "I personally would love to put a show in Vegas. I'd love to take all of the American Idol's that are terrific but didn't win, and the SYTYCD dancers and do a really great show." We're guessing if Nigel wants it, he'll get it.

Donna in Wakefield, Mass.: I thought this was one of the most interesting Survivor seasons yet, and Russell was the main reason. I did not like him at first but couldn't wait to see his next move. As stated by Russell himself, it was a game and I do not think Natalie should have walked away with the prize!
You said it, sister. After we gave Russell a consolatory hug last night, Survivor's greatest mastermind shared with us his strategy and bafflement about Galu's sense of "betrayal": "We went to the merge 8-4, Galu," Russell explained. "What's my job? To put 'em on the jury. I'm supposed to stab them in the back. That's what I'm supposed to do. And that's what I did. And it's not like I was stabbing my own tribe in the back. I brought my tribe all the way to the top five!"

Carin Baer/FOX

Sam in New York City: How about some scoop on what is going to happen to Quinn and baby drizzle in Glee's back nine? Fans are praying that Quinn ends up living with Rachel, à la Brooke/Sam from Popular (another Ryan Murphy creation.) We want more Quichel!
First of all, I can tell you that even on the happiest of all days (Glee sweeping the Globes noms), on which I brought them champagne and hung out for hours, I could not get anyone (castmember nor producer) to utter so much as a peep as to what will happen with Quinn, the baby and the love triangle, er, rectangle, er, rhombus. (What is it anyway?) Steel traps those people! However, here's a cute little tidbit: Lea Michele (Rachel) and Dianna Agron (Quinn) are close friends in real life who lived together. So your hope may not be far off! Rachel's two dads have to be more supportive and open-minded than Quinn's whacked-out parentals, right? (BTW, I sorta hate the name "Quichel," though it does make me crave a nice egg soufflé. Mmmm?)

Davis in San Louis Obispo, Calif.: Thanks to Julie Benz for the awesome interview and the five-step program. It helped, but I'm still a mess over Rita. Do you think they'll really jump forward in time? Will we see an older Harrison?
As Julie said, she knows it's one option, but of course, all bets are off now that there's a new show runner onboard. Here's one crazy thing about Harrison, though: I'm told "he" was actually played by twin babies, one a boy and one a girl. A source tells me the sweet little girl baby has serious separation anxiety and will cry every time they take her away from her mother, so it was the girl baby who was used for that last, harrowing scene, which I personally still cannot get over.

Morris in Rome: On Dexter, how come no one has mentioned that Batista saw Trinity talking to Dexter inside the police headquarters? Won't he put two and two together?
Eeesh. If he does, this cannot bode well for Angel, given that everyone in the cast is talking about Dexter "embracing his Dark Passenger" for the new season.

Helena in Washington: What about Quinn on Dexter? It sure seems like he is sniffing around Dexter a lot. Do you think he'll find out about Dexter next season? Or hook up with Deb?
Departing (wah!) show runner Clyde Phillips tells us: "I think that there's fuel for that fire and he's got a huge curiosity about Dexter. I think his curiosity is piqued even beyond his own knowledge, kind of like Doakes had a big suspicion. Masuka let something slip about Dexter's ex-girlfriend Lyla, and he referred to her as the English muffin, Quinn is thinking, things don't add up. He's watching closely." As for any potential hookup with Quinn and Deb: "It' hasn't been discussed for the future."

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Deirdre in Chino, Calif.: How about some HIMYM love? Particularly anything NPH!
You know I can't resist talking about my future husband (in our next lives, where he's straight and I'm single)! Ran into NPH recently, and he's all in good spirits after his recent Golden Globe nomination (voters have to choose between him, John Lithgow and Michael Emerson, the humanity!) and the episode of HIMYM he just directed. "I'm in [the episode] and directing it, so I got to yell at Jason Segel a lot. 'No, better! Faster! Funnier! Be funnier, Jason!' " NPH is directing episode 101 (the one right after the musical), so it should be legendary eps back to back. Can't wait.

Fred in Montana: Thanks for the SVU scoop from Neal Baer. I follow him on Twitter and loved the live Twitter chat he did with Mariska Hargitay. Do you know if they'll do more?
Neal tells us: "I nearly made the whole system collapse when Mariska was on with me in November because it was kind of spur of the moment, and it was crazy! So we'll have to be better prepared next time, but we are definitely going to do it again." In the meantime, Neal is worth following if you are an SVU fan: "I go on a couple times a week at least, say stuff and do stuff and show bubble tweets and play hangman with [guest star] Kathy Griffin's name and Jeopardy with [guest star] Lena Olin. Who knows who's next?"

The CW

Candy in Hawaii: Will Jenny get her knight in shining Armani? I've waited so long for Nate and Jenny to happen! Please, please tell me they will be a couple. I want them as my Christmas present!
Here's what I can tell you. According to my source: "Jenny definitely will try to steal Nate away" later this season, after Nate and Serena are more of a solidified couple. However, in what has been written so far, I'm told "Nate is resisting." That said, it certainly seems as though Jenny has fully embraced the dark side of her Machiavellian ways (will she be worse than Blair ever was?) because according to my mole, the whole Nate stealing is "going to be pretty underhanded by Jenny. Serena won't really suspect it for a bit." So let me get this straight: Little J has screwed over her stepbrother/former BFF and now her stepsister too?! Talk about a character 180 from the first season! Do we have a new Big Bad on the Upper East Side? Are producers trying to make us not like her? Thoughts?

Marlene in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: Some Gossip Girl news please! Anything big coming up? Deaths? Hookups? Marriages?
Dorota is getting married! Pretty sweet, no? And now that two people very close to Blair have gotten hitched lately (first mom, now Dorota), she has to be next right? OK, probably not. But a girl can dream.

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Uma via Twitter: The Big Bang Theory, please.
They weren't just robbed at the Golden Globe nominations (booo!), America's favorite brainiacs are going to be robbed in fake life, too. When BBT returns this January, Leonard and Sheldon's apartment will be ransacked, leading the gang to design a high-tech, state-of-the-art security system. Needless to say, things go awry.

Mike in Cincinnati: Why do I have to wait until February for more of The Office? What can you tell me right this second?
Dwight and Ryan are going full speed ahead with their plans to destroy the unstoppable Jim Halpert. We just caught up with B.J. Novak at the Inglourious Basterds DVD launch, and he tells us their plotting "will go exactly how you would expect a Dwight-Ryan alliance to go, and I won't say any more." Hmmm, so straight to the beet farm? We're guessing this won't be a very successful venture for Dwight and the temp.


Alisa: Your Lost scoop has been really good lately, and I was hoping that you could answer one question. In the "Incident," Juliet holds her stomach when talking to Bernard as if she were pregnant. Anyway Juliet could be pregnant with Sawyer's baby?
I think you're mistaking me for another site. I've been pretty mum on Lost (and let me tell you, this gag is messing up my lip gloss!), but I'm trying to make up for it a smidgen with The 12 Days of Lostmas. That said, there is no way that Juliet is pregnant now. You have my word.

Yasmine: I'm obsessed with Sue Sylvester on Glee! Thanks for the interview with Jane Lynch. She seems awesome in person, too. Did you get any scoop on what will happen after she returns from her suspension?
"Sue Sylvester does get humbled from time to time, and she will get humbled in the next nine episodes," Jane told me. Also, it sounds like we're gonna see more of her musical side: "I will be doing a little singing and a little dancing," she teased. Jane also mentioned that there are lines sometimes that she won't say. One of them involved skinning a cat. "I have cats!" she said. Heee.

Chen in Israel: Seems like the writers are listening and are realizing people find Puck/Rachel more interesting than Puck/Quinn and Finn/Rachel. Now can we do something about the fact the original club members like Artie and Tina never get any screen time? We haven't seen what happened to them after their date.
We will definitely see more Artie and Tina. I have it on good authority!

Megan in Knoxville, Tenn.: I read somewhere, more then likely here, that when One Tree Hill starts back in January, Haley's sister Taylor comes back and brings someone from past episodes with her. If this is true, any clues you can give as to who it is? Lucas? Peyton? Thanks!
Yep, that was here, and it is none of those characters but it is a boy. My source doesn't want me to say who yet, but it's someone's ex, and it's not a major character like Lucas or Peyton. I'll reveal it when this muzzle comes off!

Mose in Idaho: What's the word on Supernatural? Thanks for all the scoop last week.
No prob. I'm hearing that Sam and Dean will die and go to heaven. Yes, you heard me right. We will see heaven! (Which is funny 'cause I always assumed heaven would look a lot like Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.)

NBC/Chris Haston

Joel in Burbank, Calif.: You barely mentioned Jeffster in your Chuck preview this week. I want some Jeffster!
You want more details on the rockingest band of all time? You got it! Jeff and Lester are both back in action, both as individuals and in musician form. Show runner Josh Schwartz tells us: "The Buy More has a fight club storyline where Lester really goes bananas. And obviously, you can expect and look forward to the return of Jeffster." In fact, probably more Lester than you'd ever want to know. "I promise this, we will see Lester's bedroom," says Josh. And Chris Fedak gives us the dirty deets: "You will see what Lester sleeps in, his pj's—and it involves feet." (Note to Chuck costumers: Where do you get those pj's?! My ginormously tall 8-month-old is already too big for most footed pj's, and he's still shorter than Lester...by a hair.)

Harry in Boston: Cannot wait for Chuck. Scoop please!
There's something going on beneath the Home Theater Room at the Buy More, and it is not just mental—it is governmental! (I'm hearing of a new secret passage from inside there.) Also, Chuck and Kristen Kreuk will be spotted there playing some serious tonsil hockey, i.e. "making out like teenagers," according to my spy. Sorry, Chuck and Sarah fans. But the good news is that Kristen's character is not what she seems, so like Jill before her, she cannot be long for Chuck's world.


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