On the First Day of Lost-mas: Sawyer Is Kissing Who?! Maggie Grace Is Where?

We are giving exclusive scoop on the upcoming season for the next 12 days...

By Kristin Dos Santos Dec 21, 2009 9:11 PMTags
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Holy wow.

That's all I can say after hearing about what lies ahead for the sixth season of Lost, which, in case you haven't heard, will begin Feb. 2 on ABC, and is, like, the last spectacular hurrah of one of the best series ever to air on television.

Trust me. It is going to be good.

So what will go down?

Well, let's just say I know some things I'm not supposed to know...and wasn't supposed to say. But after receiving no fewer than 4,815,162,342 emails this past week requesting—no begging and singing (to the tune of various Christmas carols!) for Lost scoop—I have decided to pony up some dish I've heard from various sources, in the spirit of Christmas and giving and whatnot, and because I do not want to make little Cindy Lou Who cry.

So, here's the scoop:

I know the vast majority of you do not want to be fully spoiled (bless you, everyone) and come to this section because we tend to tease in ways that get you excited without ruining the viewing experience.

That said, how about we play a fun little scooptastic game called The 12 Days of Lost-mas? Starting today and for the next 11 days, I will give you two scoops regarding the sixth season of Lost: one "naughty" (false) and one "nice" (true).

It's your job to play detective and sort out which ones are true. (Who said homework over the holidays wasn't a boatload of fun?!)

So, for the next 11 days, while you are hiding out from your in-laws and/or your aunt's incredible (inedible) Jell-O salad, you can come to The 12 Days of Lost-mas right here in Watch with Kristin and commune with other Lost fans to sort out which spoilers are naughty or nice.

Now, drumroll, please!

What's that? The 12 drummers drumming aren't here yet? Well, regardless, here is your first day of Lost-mas, where I warm you up gently, but steamily...

Which of the following is true?

  • Maggie Grace's (Shannon) absence from the beginning of the new season will be explained by a significant change to Shannon and Boone's (Ian Somerhalder) backstory. 
  • Sawyer (Josh Holloway) will smooch someone who is either Kate (Evangeline Lilly) or Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), and it will happen within the first four hours of the new season. 

    And oh, what the hey, here's a bonus for today's Lost-mas offering only. I will go ahead and tell you that:

    Both of the above are actually true. Merry Lost-mas, everyone!

    (Reminder: Maggie was the Lostie I referred to earlier in a blind item as a "holdout," who was busy shooting back-to-back movies when she was first offered a return to Lost. She may appear later in the season.)

    As for how and who and when, you'll have to sort it out in the comments below...

    Then check back tomorrow for the Second Day of Lost-mas.


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