Rachel's Bio Mom? Mark Salling in a Catsuit? Get Glee Scoop Straight From the Set!

While celebrating their multiple awards nominations this week, the cast lets the cat out of the bag that Idina Menzel may have a special connection to Lea Michele

By Kristin Dos Santos Dec 17, 2009 5:08 PMTags

Mark Salling was so not BS-ing! The Glee set is a straight-up awesome place to be.

Of course, I happened to be there on an exceptionally happy day when I went to Paramount Studios bearing champagne to celebrate their multiple awards nominations this week (Golden Globes and SAG).

And oh yeah, did I mention I got some scoop?

What you don't hear in the video above is that—Possible Spoiler Alert—after I speculate that Broadway legend (and Taye Diggs' wife) Idina Menzel may play Rachel's bio mom, one of the castmembers exclaims: "Kristin, you know too much! How do you know these things?"

Clearly, I was just speculating, but I'll take the sorta-kinda confirmation, along with what seems to be confirmation that Idina has moved past talks to play their rival Glee Club director. Awesome.

Above, hear the cast dish on all things Gleeful (while I make my current TV crush blush and then, God help me, yawn), and make sure you click below to see my one-on-one interviews with Lea Michele (Rachel)—which boss Ryan Murphy crashes to talk Madonna—and Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) dishing on love interests and "angry sex" with Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison).

They don't call this show Glee for nothin'!

Now here's Lea and Jane...

Would you like Idina Menzel to play Rachel's bio mom? What should happen with Puck and Finn now that Rachel's off the market? And shall we start a campaign to see Mark Salling in that catsuit? I think so! Comment below...