It takes a superhero to talk sense to Congress, especially in a world where Garry Shandling is fit to hold elected office. Thankfully, we have that hero.

In the trailer for Iron Man 2, Robert Downey Jr. returns as the smartass in the shiny suit and not a moment too soon. When this year's blockbusters are inhabited by doleful vampires and blue aliens, audiences need a dose of good old American movie know-how: cocky good guys, creepy bad guys and intelligent, able women who look nice and kick butt.

Plus, lots and lots of explosions.

While we aren't sold on Mickey Rourke's accent or Scarlett Johansson as lithe assassin Black Widow, we're prepared to see director Jon Favreau's film based solely on the brief glimpse of the aerial chase scene and the short battle sequence that includes Don Cheadle's War Machine character teaming up with the Iron dude.

What do you think, people?


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