Jon & Kate: No Divorce for Christmas?

Jon's lawyer plays down speculation that divorce deal is imminent, says ruling not expected until after New Year's

By Whitney English Dec 16, 2009 10:23 PMTags
Kate Gosselin, Jon GosselinLisa Berg/NBC, Adam Rose/CNN

Looks like "divorcing Jon" is moving from Kate Gosselin's Christmas list to the top of her New Year's resolutions.

Despite word that the former reality fun couple's divorce was "imminent," the lawyer for Jon Gosselin tells E! News that it's not likely to happen until after the calendar flips.

"That might be a little premature," says attorney Mark Heller of a TMZ report that the arbitrator overseeing the case had made a ruling. "That's still a work in progress. We’re waiting for a final decision."

Next week marks the six-month anniversary of them filing the divorce petition in a Pennsylvania courtroom to dissolve their 10-year union.

While he's not setting a timetable on the divorce, there is one thing that Heller is more certain about.

And that would be the state of Jon's finances.

Heller says there's no sign that the octodad is hurting for cash after a court order was issued last week for him to stop making paid public appearances in violation of his TLC contract.

"I don't know anything about him not meeting his obligations," says Heller. "Jon has met all appropriate legal obligations.

"Jon, this past year, was the most photographed man in America. He was included in more magazines than any other television reality celebrity. He is tremendously in demand by the public. Whenever I'm with him and we go out, fans rush to him to take pictures with him and their children. He's become a real America personality and sort of folk hero, and I think he has a very bright future."

So what is our favorite "folk hero" working on now?

"Jon is focusing on his children for the holiday," says Heller. "He is buying them special presents and looking forward to preparation of celebration. His focus primarily is not on the litigation, but on his family. It will be a very joyous time for him and his children and he is embracing the moment."

Just like we're certain Kate will embrace the moment when she is officially de-Gosselined.


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