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UPDATE: A rep for Jamie Jungers continues to adamantly deny that she ever worked—let alone had designs on working—for a Las Vegas escort service, telling E! News:

"She is emphatic that she never has been, will be, nor applied to be an escort. That application, even if it is real, could be for a modeling job for all anyone knows."


You can't always trust what you read, but Michelle Braun insists that the proof is right there in black and white.

The 1099 tax form she has with Jamie Jungers' name on it is legit, Braun insists in response to Jungers' flat-out denial on the Today show that she ever worked for Braun's Las Vegas escort service and her comment that Braun must have faked the 1099. (Today's Meredith Vieira hardly challenged Jungers' denial. The Today show insisted that Jungers was not compensated for her interview on Friday. Dateline NBC, however, aired an almost identical interview with her later in the day that they revealed was licensed.) 

"Obviously she's lying," Braun tells E! News. "I have her Social Security number and her address. She provided that information for the 1099." (The 1099 is from Braun's now defunct corporation, explaining why her name isn't on the form.)

Braun also handed over what she said is Jungers' application to come work for her, which also lists a range of personal details, from contact info to measurements.

Braun also has an explanation for why Jungers claimed never to have met the escort-service owner.

"In Jamie's defense, though," Braun added, "I did operate professionally under the name Nici, so maybe she doesn't know the name Michelle Braun. For eight years, I never met any of my girls or clients, and I never met her. In her defense, she might not be lying about not recognizing my name. "

She says she isn't surprised by Jungers' denial, figuring, "What girl is going to go on national TV and admit she was an escort?"

Jungers had no problem, however, dishing details about her alleged affair with Tiger Woods, saying she even stayed over at his house one night while his wife was away.

A rep for Jungers has not yet responded to calls seeking comment on Braun's latest claims.

(Originally published on Dec. 11, 2009 at 6:03 p.m. PT)


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