Chris Brown, Twitter; Frank Micelotta/TCA 2008/Getty Images

Chris Brown is mad. After months spent repenting—including everything from insincere apologies and community labor to that bow tie—he finally released his album Graffiti this week and word got to him that some music retailers aren't stocking the record. So Breezy did what any calm, emotionally mature person who just learned a lot from a major life event would do.

He threw a big hissy fit on Twitter:

  • "im tired of this s--t. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the f--k do i gotta do..."
  • "WTF... yeah i said it and i aint retracting s--t"
  • "im not biting my tongue about s--t else... the industry can kiss my ass

We can only assume that some of these stores are not stocking his album because he's a convicted woman beater (unless anyone has a better guess). Fair enough. That's their choice. Not everyone has to support the singer just because he told a few talk-show hosts he's sorry. Plus, his album is still widely available on iTunes and Amazon.  

All this little Twitter rant does is make Chris look like a whiny, hotheaded, entitled jerk, which doesn't exactly match up with the whole sensitive, changed man image he's been trying to work.

As one Graffiti review says, despite the album's best attempts, "Chris Brown fails at persuading us that he has changed as a person or learned anything...He may not be a monster, but that's only because he hasn't grown into one yet—he mostly just sounds like a big baby."

And that's exactly what's going on here.


If nothing else, this certainly proves Chris has earned his spot in our What a Douche! gallery.

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