Holly Sampson Confirms "Intimate" Relationship With Tiger Woods

Sampson says she hooked up with Tiger, but it was before he was married

By Ted Casablanca Dec 10, 2009 10:49 PMTags
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Holly Sampson, the porn actress who bragged on camera about how she "f--ked Tiger Woods," has now released a statement via her attorney about the whole sex incident.

Sampson had been giving the old "no comment" line to reporters until the video hit the web yesterday. And now? 

Well, the peroxide blonde is spewing a whole different tune...

"The statements made by Holly Sampson in the webcast interview with Naughty America in May of 2009 are truthful, accurate and without any malicious intent. Holly Sampson has not requested and will not accept any monetary amount for her silence regarding her past relations with Tiger Woods. Holly Sampson confirms that her relationship with Tiger Woods was intimate and that this relationship occurred while Mr. Woods was not married. Holly Sampson will be releasing details of this legitimate relationship."

Have to confess, we were shocked when we opened that PDF file from Holly's lawyer. We can't remember the last time a statement has been so oddly candid.

It's usually "respect my privacy at this time" or "cannot comment on the matter," but no. Holly is saying loud and proud that she diddled Mr. Woods.

Catch is, 'natch, that all the sexing took place before Tiger tied the knot. Of course actual details of when it happened aren't being released (like if he was engaged or dating Elin at the time).

We'd like to think the statement is true for Elin's sake (though with the tally of alleged other women at 13, it probably doesn't matter at this point), but who really knows.

Holly's going to want to save as much face, boob or whatever as possible by claiming she didn't bone Woods while he was hitched.

After all, we've already seen the media backlash on the others. If Sampson didn't do the dirty while he was married to Elin, then she's just what, half a ho?


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