Escort Service Owner: Tiger Was a Client!

Former boss of women Tiger Woods allegedly partied with says golf star paid up to $30,000 a weekend to have a bevy of his girls at his disposal

By Natalie Finn, Ken Baker Dec 11, 2009 5:42 AMTags

In case you hadn't heard, Tiger Woods seems to really like the ladies. E! News has now learned that he paid big bucks to meet some of them.

The owner of a now-defunct VIP escort service says in an exclusive interview that she counted Woods among her celebrity clients and that the Grand Slam-collecting golfer "had a pretty big appetite for women."

Michelle Braun describes her business, which she closed last year after running into personal legal troubles, as a service that brought men and women together for dates. She would give her employees commissions of up to 60 percent of a booking fee, which was paid up front "purely for introduction."

Two of those former employees, Braun claims, were porn actress Holly Sampson and onetime Trashy Lingerie model Jamie Jungers, whose names came up this week in the ongoing saga of Woods' extramarital love life. 

Neither Sampson (who has publicly acknowledged her "intimate" relationship with Woods) nor Jungers (whose mom and ex-boss support the Tiger-romance theory) could be reached for immediate comment about their involvement with Braun, who gave E! News copies of 1099 tax forms purportedly showing what they made working for her company last year. [Editor's note: In an interview with Today on Dec. 11, 2009, Jungers said she never met Braun and has never been an escort.]

It was Jungers who introduced Braun to Tiger, Braun says.

"He had a pretty big appetite for girls," Braun concluded. And, supposedly, Tiger had a type. "He would request the college-cutie, girls-next-door look." 

The last time she communicated with him was in mid-2008, Braun said.

Most of her celebrity clients, including Woods, were always "smart enough" to pay in cash, she said. The golfer, in particular, "liked to communicate by text message."

So we've heard.

Woods spent three weekends in Vegas with her girls over the years, Braun said, dropping $30,000 to $40,000 per trip.

Braun surmises that people like Woods (rich, famous, etc.) utilized her business because "it's supposed to be discreet. When you pay it's established that it's a business relationship. You don't have a girl thinking he is going to leave his wife for her and they will fall in love and have a fairy tale relationship."

As far as having proof that Tiger was even a client, Braun says she's sure she has phone records. They never communicated by email, she says.

Only by those dratted texts.

(Originally published Dec. 10, 2009, at 3:36 p.m. PT)


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