Tiger Woods, Car Accident

Florida Highway Patrol

The truth is out there...in the fine print.

E! News has gotten a hold of the dispatcher's notes from the 911 call reporting Tiger Woods' Nov. 27 car crash that eventually led to scandalous allegations of extramarital affairs committed by the golf great that has done severe damage to his previously squeaky clean reputation.

The scorecard provided by the Florida Highway Patrol is an extremely detailed account of the call history and information taken by the dispatcher from emergency responders on the scene.

The first entry is timestamped at 2:32:12 a.m. ET and simply states, "Blk [Black] Escalade vs. Tree."

Five seconds later comes this little ditty: "Driver on ground unconscious."

At 2:49 a.m., the dispatcher notes Woods is being being transported to nearby Health Central Hospital ( "1 Trans To Health Central"). An hour later, a tow truck arrives to extricate the golf-club-damaged Escalade from a fire hydrant.

A separate log from the following day reveals the confusion over whether investigators were going to meet with the sports hero and includes a suspected crime of "driving under the influence with property damage."

At 2:45 p.m. on Nov. 28th: "Per Tiger Woods' agent—Tiger wants to reschedule meeting set for 3 p.m."

A few seconds later, the dispatcher writes, "He's still too sore from the accident."

We're guessing he wishes he could take a mulligan about now.


Get the visuals in our Tiger Car Crash gallery.

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