Sexy Crossover Alert! New Lost Star Teaching Teri Hatcher to Strip for Desperate Housewives

Sheila Kelley reveals Susan Meyer will take it off for an upcoming episode and sets the record straight on her new role on that mysterious Island

By Kristin Dos Santos, Whitney English Dec 08, 2009 5:45 PMTags
Sheila Kelley, Teri HatcherAlberto Rodriguez/Getty Images for THINKFilm Company, Daniel Larusso/Startraksphoto.com

First they drop a plane on Wisteria Lane and now this bomb(shell):

Teri Hatcher is taking it off, baby!

Yes, we can report exclusively that Susan Meyer will be doing a seductive striptease in an upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives. And believe it or not, Teri's being taught the dance by none other than the latest hot brunette to come to Lost: Sheila Kelley, also known as Mrs. Richard Schiff, also known as the creator of the striptease workout S-Factor.

"We are working on a dance for Teri to do on the show," Kelley tells us as she prepares to head back to Hawaii today for Lost. "We'll be shooting it soon, and it'll be a lot of fun."  

So which Desperate guy gets the dance? What did Kelley spill about her Lost role? And which "so hot" Lostie is she already crushing on?

Though Kelley wouldn't say who will be on the receiving end of Susan Meyer's scandalous erotic display—it has to be Mike Delfino, right?—she does reveal that Teri is a pro on the pole.
"Her body loves this movement—takes to it like a fish to water," Kelley says. "She's so amazing, on the pole, off the pole, just standing when she circles her body and she does her hips. I mean literally, your mouth drops open. Oh my god is she hot. She's so beautiful."
Hatcher has spent two hours a day for three days preparing for the role and even made a pit stop to the Hollywood costume shop Trashy Lingerie on Thursday. She'll be wearing 8-inch heels. Yeow!

As for her role on the upcoming season of Lost, Kelley sets the record straight that she is not playing Kendall (an "intellectual beauty who commits corporate espionage"), despite reports to the contrary.

"No," Sheila says. "It's not Kendall. I'm not Kendall."

Beyond that, the 45-year-old actress insists she knows nothing. "You can't say much about Lost because who really knows what's going on in Lost," she tells us. "I get my page. I don't get anybody else's pages. I'm used to having the whole script with a backstory. I know where my character's going. With Lost, you don't know where you're going or where your character came from really."

What Kelley does know is she is scheduled for at least four of the 13 episodes of Lost's final season, which premieres Feb. 2.

"I shot the first episode, and I'm leaving [today] to shoot the next one," she explains. "It's one of the most exciting, interesting new experiences I've ever had."


When asked if her striptease know-how will come into play on Lost, Kelley laughs and says, "Once you see what I'm doing on Lost, you'll get the humor in that. I guess you can say I'm bringing some of the skills onto Lost, but not as obviously as you might think."

And though she wasn't a fan of Lost before being cast, she says she's now "obsessed," particularly with a certain sexy Iraqi.

"I'm a Sayid kind of girl," she admits. "He's so hot. Those arms go on forever. I don't want him to put on anything but sleeveless tops for the rest of his life!"

It sure sounds like she could be sharing some screen time with Naveen Andrews, no?

What do you think of Kelley coming to Lost, and Hatcher's upcoming striptease? Hit the comments.


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