Spoiler Chat: Glee Finale and Lost Premiere Scoop!

Exclusive scoop on what's ahead for Finn (basketball!) and the other McKinley High kids, plus Matthew Fox meets up with an old friend...

By Kristin Dos Santos Dec 08, 2009 1:27 AMTags
Cory Monteith, Glee, Matthew Fox, LostCarin Baer/FOX; ABC/Mario Perez

Here's a tip on this Wednesday's Glee "fall finale": Savor. Every. Minute.

'Cause when it's over, you won't have anything new until April!

The good news? Our sources are spilling scoop on what's ahead (including why you'll see Finn in some short shorts!).

And of course, ABC's Lost will be back to ease the pain of a Glee-less winter with new episodes that will blow you away—and possibly blow your head off.

For details on Glee and Lost, plus whether Kitty (Calista Flockhart) is really dead on Brothers & Sisters, and more, read on!

Kevin in Omaha, Neb.: Only one more episode of Glee left. Tell me it's good!

Matthias Clamer/FOX

If you're hoping for a Glee minifinale full of lots of loose ends being wrapped up, then you've got it! Aside from Finn finding out, an inside source who asked to be called Clubber Lang tells me of this Wednesday's ep: "It rocks.  Very satisfying, all scores are settled, all secrets revealed.  There are two show-stopping solos that will make the devil run home and call his mama." And a source who asked to be called Cory Monteith (because that's his name) tells us: "The plotlines you may have felt need resolution will be resolved. There is a lot of resolution in sectionals." And guess what? The Glee cast is finally back at work today on the new episodes. Hells to the yay! If only we could get them before April, right? (For more on Glee, check out the Spoiler section below.)

Mary in Washington, D.C.: OK, so who won the Glee love debate?
The official winner of the Glee love debate is Puck and Rachel. The picture of Finn and Rachel in our TV Couples We Love gallery has been officially replaced with a pic of Rachel and Puck. Congrats, Team Puckerberry!

Rebecca in Miami: Love Jessalyn Gilsig and glad to hear she'll be back on the show in April. Is she ever going to sing?
Jessalyn herself tells us: "I hope so. I would love to. I mean, I'm no Lea Michele, but I do sing in the shower! I sing lullabies to my daughter, so maybe I can sing to the baby..." That better not mean that Terri actually gets Quinn and Puck's bambino. There has to be a more fit parent out there to adopt, right?

Carter in Astoria, N.Y.: What are your thoughts on the big V hiatus? Are you sticking around until January?
I'll be tuning in. We caught up with Morris Chestnut last week and his overwhelming confidence in what's to come has me hopeful: "The wait is going to be well worth it. We have some really great ideas," Morris says. "Things about the V's are going to come out, but people need to be patient. We're going to push the envelope."

Jaimi in San Francisco: I love the Top 10 this season on SYTYCD. Do you have any scoop yet about the tour?
No tour info yet, but if you're a big SYTCYD fan, you should know about Dizzy Feet's charity auction. They're raising money for Nigel Lythgoe and Adam Shankman's charity by offering all sorts of goodies like a private dance lesson with Maksim Chmerkovskiy and a behind-the-scenes-at-the-Oscars package. Check it out at Clothes Off Our Backs.

K.J. in the Caribbean: When will The Secret Life of the American Teenager be back?
Jan. 4, and according to Shailene Woodley, "There might be another pregnancy, [and] a couple of weddings, hookups, breakups, all that drama." Look for Shailene's storylines to split between her relationship with the baby and her relationship with Ricky. Plus, Francia Raisa tells us, "There are a lot of new hookups, especially with me. I'm gonna tease you guys a lot this season. My character's grown a lot in the season that's coming up, and then she has a huge storyline coming up toward the end of the season. It's really good, so dramatic, really juicy." Any guesses about Adrian's big twist?

Deirdre: I could swear that Whitney Port's roommate Roxy from The City is also that same girl on Brothers & Sisters! What gives? Is she an actress or really a friend of Whitney's?
Ding, ding, ding! You get a prize for possibly being the only other TV fan out there watching both of these (very different) shows. Yes, Roxy is Whitney's roommate on The City and also Kevin's surrogate on B&S, and I'm told it's been a bit of a scheduling hassle for the B&S folks, because they have been shooting on Saturdays to accommodate Roxy's City shooting schedule. (My source tells me Matthew Rhys and the crew have worked three Saturdays in a row now.) That problem probably isn't going away, given that The City was just picked up for another season (defying all odds!), but it probably doesn't hurt that Roxy's father is an exec producer on B&S. (By the way, we once got in trouble with MTV years ago for reporting that Roxy was an actress in the running to "play" a friend and eventual bridesmaid of The Hills star which cannot be named here on E! Online. Girlfriend sure dodged that bullet and lucked out with Whitney, intead!)

Charity in Sarasota, Fla.: What do you think of TNT's new show Men of a Certain Age?
Men of a Certain Age is a bit of an odd duck! While the cast—including Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher and Lisa Gay Hamilton (who plays Braugher's wife)—is wall-to-wall great, the aggressively middle-of-the-road situations and scenarios that these three middle-aged friends find themselves in may not be compelling viewing for every viewer. Overall, this show remains in the "wait and see" category for us.

Melania in St. Paul, Minn.: Any Survivor finale scoop?
Jeff Probst told us last night: "If we're lucky, we can expect Russell in the finale." He also has some nice things to say about the not-so-nice contestant. "He has single handedly carried this season for us. It's season 19, and we've discovered the greatest villain of all time—maybe one of the greatest players ever on Survivor!"

Teresa in Whitefish, Montana: I saw a promo for Life UneXpected. It looks good! Is it? Please say yes.
I really like it, actually. And a source who has seen many of the episodes (and is honest!) tells me: "LUX is great, very WB, as cute and well-written as Privileged without the usual CW rich people." Did someone say "very WB"? Dear Sally, I am in! Love, Felicity. P.S.: It stars that other girl from Roswell who is not Katherine Heigl (Shiri Appleby), and the pilot episode was pretty heart-tuggy and engaging. (Life UneXpected premieres Jan. 18 on the CW.)

Wally in Orlando: Do you know anything about what Glee will be up to in April?
Glee is going all One Tree Hill! Don't worry, Chad Michael Murray won't guest star, but Finn will be playing basketball instead of football when the show returns April 13, because...football season is over, dummies! "It's basketball now. Finn Hudson is the captain o the basketball team." Also, we would bet some seriously good money that Adam Lambert will indeed guest star on the show, because a source who tells us everything about everything clammed up with a "no comment" when asked about the rumor that it is really happening. Quick, Chris Colfer, grab a keyboard!


Wendell: Lost scoop, now!
Sir, yes, sir! I can assure you that the first episode is nothing short of amazing, and you best have your DVR hooked up because you'll want to watch it at least twice. No, make that 18 times. The sixth-season premiere will present us with two seemingly incompatible storylines: One in which we find out someone we thought was dead is actually alive (a certain very pretty someone) in the same time that we last saw him or her, and the other in which we will see Flight 815 again (which I'm pretty sure all of you have heard about by now). It's a head-scratcher, for sure. But an awesome head-scratcher, nonetheless. And these two storylines will go on for a little while (in different decades) from what I hear.

Drew in Madrid: Will we see Rose again on Lost? I miss her!
Yes, definitely. According to my source, "She and Jack (Matthew Fox) will be reunited, and this time it will feel so good!" (FYI, we're thinking of a very specific Jack and Rose scene. Post your guesses about which one in the comments.)

Michael in La Jolla, Calif.: Please tell me something about Lost! Anything! I'm dying without more spoilers.
How about a little scoop on our longtime girl crush? We already know that Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) is back on Lost in some capacity this season, but what's the real deal behind her resurrection? "I can't say," she tells us with a grin. And just why not? "Because it's really, really, really, really, really, really exciting and I don't want to ruin it. It's too good to say." (Yes, she really said really that many times!) And on that note, this is the most revealing thing we were able to get out of her: "It's going to blow people's heads off." Sounds like someone's taking a page out of the Dexter handbook. OMG, does Trinity kill Charlotte?!

Jay in Merrick, N.Y.: Dexter, please.
How about this sneak peek clip above of Dexter and Deb that has us freaking out over this Sunday's season finale? By the way, I'll be at a season finale party with the cast, so if you have any questions, please send them to me through email (tvdiva@eonline.com) or twitter (@kristinalert). I'll tweet any interesting developments from the party.

Joey in Boston: Quinn and Deb on Dexter! Any scoop?!
I can tell you what Deb herself, Jennifer Carpenter, had to say about Quinn when we asked how the Christine revelation would affect his relationship with Deb. "I think at the end of the day, Deb wasn't wrong. I think it will only bring them closer. It will make him a better cop, it will make him stronger, I think it will make Deb and Quinn closer." Jennifer also said she doesn't think Quinn will be the one to unearth Dex's secret. "I don't think Quinn has it out for Dexter in any way that's similar to how Doakes had it out for him. I think Quinn's character, in my opinion, is pretty selfish and operates a lot from his own ego, so I think he's just looking for some dirt to even out the playing field, because he stole some money. I also don't think that he's gonna be a pivotal piece in Deb getting closer to Dexter's secret, but what do I know?"

Marcelo in Chicago: I actually really liked Anton on Dexter. Will he be back?
Executive producer Clyde Phillips told me there aren't any plans to have him back, and that's OK by Jennifer Carpenter. "I think Deb is a driver, and I think she was comfortable driving that relationship," J.C. said of the Deb-Anton ship. "It was safe. He wasn't a threat. They had pretty extreme circumstances in common: He'd been attacked by a killer, as had she. It was safe and sort of predictable, and she probably could have been in the relationship for a long time, and it might have been good. But you have to sort of demand all that life has, and Debra's not a character who plays small, so I think she's gonna play bigger than that relationship."

Oh, and how's this for another awesome preview clip of this Sunday's finale?!

Breanne in New York: Modern Family, pronto.
Someone's getting knocked out! Remember that Christmas caroling group debacle we told you about? Turns out it gets pretty violent—as Eric Stonestreet puts it, "Someone related to the modern family punches someone out on behalf of someone else in the modern family." So who's doing the hitting? Jesse Tyler Ferguson will only say this: "We have Cam, Mitchell and Lily—and it's not me." We knew it was Lily all along, duh!

Marcus in Helena, Mont.: Anything else coming up on Modern Family?
Chazz Palminteri will pop up on the show in January as an old pal of Jay's (Ed O'Neill) who—get this—is gay! "Mitchell convinces Jay that Chazz might play for the other team, and Jay cannot believe that he's gay," Stonestreet tells us. After seeing how he interacts with his own son, this should be very interesting.

Scott in Baltimore: I always love Christmas episodes of The Office. Can I look forward to one again this year?
Yes, you can! This Thursday finds the whole office in a bit of a slump over potential bankruptcy, so Jim and Dwight team up to bring in some holiday cheer. Not one, but two Santas are coming to Dunder Mifflin this year—much for Phyllis' dismay—and we get to see pretty little preggo Pam in a cute red dress that shows off her ever-expending baby bump. And, just for nostalgia's sake, Dwight is donning some serious elf ears again, circa season two. Awww, Christmastime in Scranton.


Emily in Montreal: I need more Brothers and Sisters! Tell me one of the following isn't true: Kitty dies, Rebecca loses the baby, and Simon runs away with Nora's money. I know Kitty probably won't die, but her fainting at the wedding freaked me out.
I have it on good authority that Kitty is not dead. My source tells me that Cheryl Hines was just on set last week playing Kitty's BFF Buffy in scenes with a very much still living and breathing Kitty (Calista Flockhart). Hooray! As for Rebecca, I was told originally that things would not go well with the baby/pregnancy, but a source on set tells Emily VanCamp is still filming with a baby bump, and I don't think Rebecca is pulling a Terri Schuester, so all appears to be well so far. We'll see. Oh, and as for Simon, that does not happen.

Meagan in New Jersey: The spoiler chat needs more One Tree Hill. Have anything juicy to share?
I'm hearing from a source that Taylor James, Hailey and Quinn's bad seed sister from season two, will be back! Lindsey McKeon is reprising her role as Taylor—and she's not coming back empty handed. She might just have another James family member by her side, and wait a sec, who's that man on her arm? Hint: You've definitely seen him before. Word is, Taylor will be back somewhere around episode 14.

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

I read that a new Gossip Girl episode will be on Jan. 4. That's not true, right?
We're told that after tonight's episode, the next new one will be Monday, March 8, per the show's CW rep. In other more exciting Gossip Girl news, I'm told Serena's father will come back sometime toward the end of the season. And sadly, for all you who write in week after week asking if there will be some hot and steamy Chuck and Blair sex scenes coming up, I'm still not hearing of anything scantily clad or scandalous. Now you know what to ask for from Santa!

Monica in New York: Any scoop on Melrose Place? What about Nick Zano? Will Heather Locklear become a regular? Is Laura Leighton off the show now that she has a new pilot?
So many questions! And I have answers: I'm told that if Melrose gets a second season, the CW will definitely ask Heather Locklear to be a regular. She's in all but one of the remaining epsidoes. As for Laura Leighton getting cast in a pilot (Pretty Little Liars for ABC), that won't affect the CW's plan to have her stay on board for a flashback storyline with Heather on Melrose. And as for Nick Zano, a source says he has his eyes on Riley and Lauren—and a mystery of his own!

Trudy in Long Island. N.Y.: Are Lauren and David ever going to do it on Melrose Place? And will he find out that she's a hooker?
Yes, and yes! I'm told everyone will find out.

Randall in Atlanta: 90210, please! Who is going to commit suicide?!
I can't say who, but I can tell you that he—yes, he—is not leaving the show. So it is just a suicide attempt. In other news, the Adriana and Gia ladylove storyline starts when 90210 returns from hiatus, and Navid will wonder if he made Adrianna gay. (Apparently he isn't aware how such things work!) I'm told that Silver and Teddy develop a full-fledged relationship, but of course, they will have their complications...

Nell in Watsonville, Calif.: Any scoop on 90210? I'm addicted!
We'll be meeting Liam's slickster ex-con father in an upcoming episode. (Ex Duke of Hazzard John Schneider plays Liam's stepfather, in case you were confused.) Got any dream casting for the part?

Kharen Hill / The CW

Jasmine in Sweden: I can't wait for The Vampire Diaries to come back. Do you have any news?
We'll be meeting Bonnie's cousin Lucy when Vampire Diaries returns in a few weeks. Lucy is a beautiful flirt who's also smarter than your average college coed and isn't afraid to show it. Expect lots of in-your-face brazenness from this one, which is sure to catch the attention of certain local vampires...

Serena in Newport Beach, Calif.: More Better Off Ted, please. I can't wait to see the new episodes.
We just chatted with Jay Harrington, who is as excited as you are for the Better Off Ted return (don't miss it Tuesday night!), and he tells us that the funny just keeps coming. "In an upcoming episode, there's a memo going around that is mistyped and says, 'Employees must now use offensive language,' so everyone starts swearing and calling each other bad names. They think it's good for morale."

Elise in Calabasas, Calif.: Parks & Rec is getting pretty good! Do you have any info on what's to come for my beloved Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)?
Now that Leslie Knope's thing with Louis C.K. is over, Ann tries to perk up Leslie's love life with a blind date. The man in question, however, turns out to be a weirdo who subjects Leslie to (noninvasive) medical tests on their first date. Ah, romance in Pawnee, Ind. It's a wacky thing.

Michael Yarish/Fox

Lucy in Midland, Mich.: Is Barney going to reunite with Robin anytime soon on How I Met Your Mother?
No, sorry, Barney is fully back in superbachelor mode on How I Met Your Mother. Look for an upcoming episode where he goes for a "perfect week" of seven women, seven days, no rejections. Oh, Barney. (BTW, Jason Segel tells us that Neil Patrick Harris is going to direct an ep of HIMYM. It's sure to be legendary!)

Jeanine in Las Vegas: Legend of the Seeker is great this season—got any scoop?
Before the end of season two, one of our heroes is going to die and return as an evil zombie "baneling"! Want more Legend scoop? Check back later this week for our exclusive interview with show runner Ken Biller.

Felicia in Hialeah, Fla.: I know it's not coming back for a while, but any news on 10 Things I Hate About You?
When 10 Things (eventually!) returns, one of the Stratford girls is getting kissed, and one of the Stratford girls is going on a fancy dinner date with her man! Any guesses about who is who?

Bill Records / NBC

Melinda in Brewer, Maine: Fill me in on Friday Night Lights!
The highlight of this Wednesday's ep of Friday Night Lights is that Lyla and Tim are together again! They hook up numerous times and he pretty much asks her to stay, but you have to watch for yourself and see if she agrees that it's meant to be! And for you fans of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (i.e., everyone who is living and breathing), there is a sweet Tami Taylor crying scene that's sure to make you tear up a little...

Alana in Belgrade, Minn.: The two Summer Glau eps of Dollhouse on Friday were pretty good. What else can we look forward to from that show before it's over?
All we can say is that we're really, really hoping that the Dollhouse series finale casting for "T"—an adorable, precocious and somewhat fearless 6-year-old with mixed Asian and Caucasian heritage—is for the role of Victor and Sierra's son in the future. Come on, happy ending!

Amanda in Cape Coral, Fla.: Californication is my favorite show. Are we going get a happy ending this season?
No such luck. Next week's Californication season finale is actually pretty damn brutal for the Moody family. One of Hank's more egregious transgressions comes to light (hint: it has everything to do with the return of Madeline Zima's Mia), Karen overreacts when she finds out, and that leads to a cliffhanger finale that will make you cringe. It's hard to watch...

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters, Breanne Heldman & Courtney Mattox