Rosie ODonnell

Will Ragozzino/Getty Images

We would expect this from the likes of a younger, ditzier bikini babe, but Rosie O'Donnell?!

The pot-stirring talker told Rachael Ray earlier this month that she "lives to tan" and declared "exposure to the sun isn't dangerous."

While we're all about getting a little vitamin D every once in a while, most children younger than hers can explain the flaws in this outlook.

Of course, skin cancer groups are outraged, especially the Ray Festa Melanoma Foundation, which told the New York Post that Rosie's comments are "ill-informed" and "irresponsible." Duh! The group is hoping she'll use her powers for good and do a public service announcement clearing the air.

We always knew she was a hothead, but who knew the great ball of fire in the sky was the cause?


Remember when Rosie almost hooked up with Angelina Jolie? Yeah, neither do we.

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