You didn't think Saturday Night Live would go easy on Tiger Woods, did you? Skewering the week's most scandalous stars is par for the course on the late-night laughfest. (Sorry, we just couldn't resist.)

Gossip Girl's gorgeous Blake Lively and Rihanna both graced the New York stage last night, and while the episode can be considered a bright spot on the season as a whole, it was Lively's turn as Woods' woman scorned that stole the show. SNL gave us their take on what went down between the golf pro and his wife, Elin Nordegren, after the cul-de-sac car crash...and it's not pretty.

And good news: The sketch show didn't forget about the long lost Salahis, either (remember that one couple who crashed the White House last week? No?). Take a look at what those two were up to during President Obama's most recent public address...


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