You've read the apology, heard the voice mails, assessed the alleged mistresses and otherwise borne witness to the three-ring circus that surrounded Tiger Woods' solo car crash last Friday.

Now you can sneak a peek at the actual speculation-free details of the incident courtesy the Florida Highway Patrol's newly released crash report.

Aside from the previously released details, we now know that Woods was driving 5 mph over the posted 25 mph speed limit when he made his unsuccessful foray into vehicular tree hugging, that an officer arrived at the scene at precisely 3:01 a.m. (30 minutes after the crash and 26 minutes after authorities were notified) and that the ironically driver-less Woods inflicted a not-so-whopping $8,000 worth of damage to his Cadillac Escalade.

As if that weren't enough, he's also out-of-pocket for some property damage. Per the report, Woods inflicted $3,000 of pain on an unsuspecting fire hydrant and $100 on an offending piece of shrubbery (the one kind of green he apparently can't master). Meanwhile, his literal run-in with the tree and its surrounding sod will only make a $200 dent in his wallet.

Wherever that may be at the moment.

Also found in Woods car (other than shards of glass) was a copy of the book Get a Grip on Physics, which has already inspired some comical reviews on

Meanwhile, what Woods allegedly lacks in spousal fidelity, he more than makes up for in fiscal responsibility: He paid his $164 careless driving citation yesterday, the same day it was issued.


Check out the damage Tiger caused in the smashup in our Car Crash gallery.

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