Gossip Girl: A Big Shocker and Why the Show Will Get Good Again!

Sources reveal inside details on what lies ahead, and why you shouldn't boot the show from your DVR just yet

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 25, 2009 6:58 PMTags
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"I can't stand Gossip Girl this season! The storylines are boring, the chemistry is gone and even Chuck and Blair have lost their edge. Help! Is there any hope or should I stop watching?"

This email just in from Natalie in Portland, Ore., and Natalie, we have a sweet little Thanksgiving gift for you: It is getting good again. Hands off the delete button on your DVR!

It seems many of you fans aren't feeling the same love for the Upper East Siders this year, and sources close to the series tell me the creative powers behind it are well aware.

"The producers had sort of a come-to-Jesus meeting where they realized the show was off track and decided to set it right," one insider who works on GG tells me. "They're bringing back the OMG."

So how will they do it? And what major storyline was I—confession time!—dead wrong about?

Well, even though it is true that John Robert Burke (Bart Bass) will be coming back to Gossip Girl, my speculation that Bart might actually be alive is not true. "He'll be a ghost," one source tells me.

But, get this—Spoiler alert!—that doesn't mean that Chuck doesn't have a "dead" parent who might not be so dead after all!

"There's a huge storyline later this season that is going to blow you away," promises my source. "And it involves Chuck, Jack Bass and Chuck's mother."

Also making a comeback? Serena's father. "We will see him this season," says the source. "But he hasn't been cast yet."


Whoever it is, he's going to bring with him another major storyline arc and mucho trouble for Rufus Humphrey.

Also in the love department, thanks to Chuck's newfound family dramarama, you can expect Chuck and Blair to heat up again.

And for you Olivia (Hilary Duff) haters, you'll be happy to hear that she is off the series for good, leaving Dan all by his wonesome to get together with longtime special friend (with threesome benefits) Vanessa.

I'm also told that the long-held feelings Nate has had for Serena (don't forget the triangle drama that started off the series) will add some pretty deep emotion to their upcoming pairing.

What do you think of Gossip Girl this season? Are you annoyed by the haters or do you agree the show has gone off track? And how does the new direction sound? Comment below!


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