Oz, Lee Tergesen, Chris Meloni


No matter what side you're on in the culture wars, there's no denying the fact that if young people are more open and comfortable with homosexuality, it might just be because we've all grown up with many more positive images of gayness on TV and in movies.

So in honor of Kurt Hummel's dad being "pretty cool" on Glee, and just because we like pondering the changing landscape of American pop culture, we've put together a gallery of landmark TV moments when gays and lesbians were significantly showcased onscreen.

Wanna see? Click through our retrospective Gays on TV gallery below for a magical history tour.

And then, since we've also noticed gayness on TV has gone from genuinely risqué to something you can shamelessly exploit for ratings, check out our new Hot Girl-on-Girl Action gallery to vote on some recent cases of situational lesbianism on TV and tell the world: Are these lady pairings sincerely sexy or just sorta silly stunts?

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