Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp

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In the tabloid world (the same one that's always screaming Robsten's so always brutally busted up), Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp already are getting together. But whatever. 

Life & Style is the first of many rags to start hinting at an Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp lovefest offscreen, as well as on. Why? Well, they supposedly got a sneak peek at the raunchy, sex-filled script for The Tourist, in which Angie and Johnny are set to star opposite each other.

We've already read tons of reader questions asking if we can expect a Mr. and Mrs. Smith-type hookup from Angie and Johnny. After all how could you resist the sexiest man alive? And isn't that exactly how perfectly happily married Jennifer Aniston lost her man? 

Here's what you can really expect when these attractive libidos collide...

Nothing. Most likely, that is. 

It's just too friggin' obvious! Angelina oozes sex, and so does Johnny, but we do not see anything happening between these two lookers. Mostly because she's not his type. 

Shocking, right? Seriously though, the troubled, leather-wearing, baby-adopting thing just so isn't Johnny's schtick anymore. 

He's perfectly content with the anti-Hollywood life he's got going on. Hooking up with an equally (if not more) star-powered babe isn't going to be enough of a draw for him. 

Plus, think about it.

Brad Pitt had nothing really keeping him with Jen (you know, aside from legal documents and margaritas). He had no kids, and no real grown-up life, something he longed for. Johnny has that already, very much with sexy Vanessa Paradis (since 1998), and they have a son and a daughter together. It just makes no sense for Depp. It would be like a lateral love move, at best. 

But Johnny, on the other unpredictable hand, is very much Angie's type.

He's rebellious, unconventionally delicious and has his fair share of past troubles. But she probably won't bite, either, we say. She wouldn't be able to control him like she can Brad. We know Depp, and we know Pitt, and sorry, there's just no comparison. Brad's a total fool for love; Depp's far more pragmatic, hottie he still may be. 

Brangelina will be dunzo eventually, yes, but their dating shelf life won't expire anytime soon. 

So, who would you rather see Angie devour?


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