One Last Shot of Taylor Lautner's Abs

Haven't we all seen enough of this kid's abs? Probably, but Rolling Stone has magazines to sell!

By Jennifer Cady Nov 24, 2009 5:15 PMTags

Just when we thought it was safe to check out the newsstand and not have to see any more New Moon covers, Rolling Stone releases their special edition Taylor Lautner wet T-shirt contest issue.

Great timing, Rolling Stone. While some may still appreciate Taylor's striptease show, the rest of us already saw the goods plenty this past weekend. We've also reset our Twilight Countdown clocks and can't be bothered with any more New Moon promotion, especially when the interview is all about the gym and how boring Taylor is.

From now on, it's all Eclipse, all the time. See you in seven months, Tay-Tay! By then you'll even be of age, which will make this whole operation you got going on completely legal.


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