Ryan Gosling

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Ryan Gosling strutted out of his Hollywood gym like he was just walkin' outta the bathroom or somethin'.

The increasingly pumped-up stud-actor was pulling a hoodie over his barely there tight wife-beater, but that's just the start of it. The six-foot-one nascent muscle dude was wearing flimsy track pants that might as well have been pajama bottoms, 'cause we all know what one wears under PJs, right? Same thing with Ryan's black trainers, which could easily have revealed Ryan's religious affiliation.

Either that, or Gosling had his large pet snake with a swollen lip in there, just floppin' around and havin' a good ole time.

Freshly worked out, happy Ryan climbed into his bigass gas-guzzlin' SUV, like it was a perfectly normal thing for an endowed movie star to dangle 'n' go. And I'm sorry, Rachel McAdams is an idiot.

Crazy for private-style partying, also in Hollywood, was...

Justin Timberlake at Voyeur's "Gay Night," after the American Music Awards. Justin was far more low-key than Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton, who were BFF-ing it till it hurt, as Justin and his friends shied away from the looky-loos. No Jessica Biel in sight.

J.T.'s table was all guys. One of the many reasons I love Justin! He has tons of gay friends, he's always very cool about that side of his life. By which, of course, I mean simply that he isn't threatened by close gay friendships, not that he wants to start dating John Mayer or anything.

"[Justin] mainly kept to himself and his friends at his table. He was having a great time and pouring drinks for everyone," added a source who was lucky enough to be within breast-grabbing distance of the singer.

Alas, Justin, made no grabs, he simply laughed and joked with his buds who, if you ask me, probably get more J.T. time than Jessica anymore.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English and Allison McNamara


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